I’m a hardcore student of innovation. I love what the human mind is capable of doing.  I get highly jazzed when I listen to the the likes of achievers such as Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and the guy I am writing about in this post here today.


Do you know who he is?  The founder of Ali Baba. The internet is loaded with stuff about Jack Ma. You should read ALL OF IT and watch ALL HIS VIDEOS.  But for those of you who are under a time crunch, here are some gems from several of his lectures…[The stuff inside the square brackets, is my interpretation to making that “wisdom” work for your career based on my extensive years, and, my own successes within a major corporation working with my entrepreneurial colleagues.]

  • You will kill your business, not because competition will kill you, but because you are not serving your customers better. [Apply that to your career by changing “customers” to stakeholders and think of your colleagues, management, and the company itself.
  • MONEY follows the PEOPLE when people follow their DREAMS if those dreams are built on a foundation of EXECUTION CAPABILITY.  [Ideas are cheap. Passionate, committed, like-visioned people on a team who can make it happen, is necessary to turn ideas into real-world products/services.]
  • The future will be DATA TECHNOLOGY combined with MOBILE APPLICATIONS subjected to INNOVATIVE THINKING. [Take the information around you, process it, improve something, and successfully implement it in a new way that helps your company.]
  • It’s NOT about how much money you can make.  It’s about how many lives you can change. [’nuff said.]
  • Opportunity is everywhere…look where you can find problems, things that people complain about…help others. [Regularly help your colleagues solve problems. Solve problems for your management and for the company.]
  • Opportunities can be discovered where others are busy complaining.
  • Find a group within which everyone can work together. People who share your dreams. A team that believes strongly in the dream. [Use my search box to look up my Nuggets about “Metanoic” teams. Been there. Done it. It’s damn exciting! An adrenaline rush.]
  • Think about how to think differently to enable yourself to turn problems into opportunities.
  • Work very hard. If you work for yourself, work very hard to solve problems for your customers. If you work for a company, work very hard to solve problems for your company. Only when you help others will you help yourself.