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Many doctors believe that arthritis is not curable. Some doctors, such as Dr. John McDougall have a different opinion.

McDougall’s opinion, and other doctors who also prescribe a therapy similar to that of Dr. McDougall’s who are having GREAT SUCCESS with many of their patients, THINK DIFFERENTLY.

If you suffer from arthritis, or if your parent, grand parent or friend does, then take a moment to click this link and read some of the REAL PEOPLE who simply made a common-sense change because of knowledge they gleaned from the likes of Dr. McDougall. Knowledge that is now available to you, too.

Best part, you don’t have to make unusual investments. Instead, you may be enabled by this information to be able to save a bunch of money!

Here’s a few quotes to let you know where these people were starting from. Not a good place in life. They were in plenty of pain and in some instances written off by their medical practitioners. These same people reported SIGNIFICANT PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENTS by following Dr. McDougall’s recommendations.

“…when the arthritis spread to other joints, I became so crippled that I began shopping on the Internet for a wheelchair…”

“…The pain was disabling. I was crippled. My husband had to pull me out of a chair…”

“…After using steroids for a long time I was put on methotrexate with bad side effects. I was told I would have to live with this condition for my whole life….”

Click here to read: “Ten Cases of Severe, mostly Rheumatoid, Arthritis Cured by the McDougall Diet” written and published by Dr. McDougall in one of his newsletters.

[WARNING:  before making any changes to your diet, or to the diet of loved ones, or to lifestyle, exercise, or therapies, be sure to get the approval of your doctor who is authorized to diagnose and treat disease and to develop therapies. To enhance your discussion, visit the LINK ABOVE…]