I learned of an incident the other day that made me think, “What’s this guy expect to be and look like if he lives to 75 years old?!”

A large, muscular man in his mid-30s was bullying and belittling a 75-year old couple in a fast food restaurant. He was yelling and screaming at them because they were old and one had to use a walker. Of his more mild comments, “You stupid old geriatric pieces of shit…I bet you can’t even get it up…” This went on until a very close friend of mine quickly interceded and offered the bully, face-to-face, to knock out the bully, adding “You pitiful, puny, little man.” That quickly established the boundaries and, as all good bullies do when they bump against firm boundaries, the bully quickly turned and left.

That made me think that, far too many people don’t realize they will one day grow older and will need many things. Thanks to my friend and this thought of growing older, I wanted to present this helpful Nugget. If you do live to grow older, these tips may be helpful in getting you there:

Actions you ought to start as soon as possible.

  1. Live a more frugal life, right now. Unload money-wasting assets such as second or third cars, buying too many shirts, suits, dresses, shoes, indulging in “fine” wines with your meals…even cut back on having wine at meals.
  2. Downsize your main premises to a more modest one.
  3. Eliminate unnecessary luxuries. Stop with the pomp and ceremony. Entertain a little less frequently. Buy a real car and not an ego-booster.
  4. Eat healthy foods, such as whole-plant-based while avoiding fake everything, including fake meats, and minimize or eliminate the junk food.
  5. Become aware of your BAD HABITS: too much time on your handheld, computer, game boxes, TV; sleeping in beyond the requisite 7 hours of healthful sleep; drinking alcohol and in the coming months, smoking grass (weed: marijuana).
  6. Learn to start your days early and with zest.
  7. When going to sleep, give yourself a great reason for getting up and starting your next day with high energy levels.
  8. Have a morning ritual that will be uplifting to put your frame of mind into a positive rather than a negative space.
  9. Learn a new skill starting today.  It’ll take thousands of hours to get good at anything. Start now. Think about this…baby steps today allow you to run a triathlon in years to come.
  10. Get experiences now that will feed your creativity tomorrow. Travel. Try something new. Join something. Volunteer. Read a useful book. Study achievers. Attend seminars. Learn a language. Aim to master a musical instrument.
  11. Spend time now thinking about who you are, how you act, what defines you, what makes you tick, what you are proud of…and change the crappy stuff for good stuff.
  12. Make a plan. Have a vision. Have objectives.
  13. Put all your spirit, commitment, energy, focus, attention, emotion, strength into everything you do. Give everything you got, every time you do something, and for anyone you do it for, including yourself.
  14. Build several types of networks. You need these today. You certainly will REALLY NEED THEM tomorrow. You’ll need a friend network. You’ll need a master-mind network. You’ll need an eco-system (network).
  15. Don’t let time rule your day. You must learn to rule time. Do it now. It will improve your life, family, social contacts, and keep you moving when you retire. Plan your day and work your plan. It’s as simple as that.
  16. Study and master COPYING SKILLS.  This is especially important for Millennials who were raised under the overly-protective wings of doting parents or helicopter parents. Learn to be happy with rejection since rejection at be the missing link to help you succeed and win the next time you take a run at that goal. No matter how perfect your life is, there are plenty of events that will try to crush you. Some major, terrible events such as death of a loved one, divorce, bankruptcy, bullying, etc. It creates a terrible feeling inside yourself. You can’t stop it. But you have to learn to live with it and do the best you can under such dire circumstances. If you don’t know how to go about this, seek a counselor or, at least read a few good books on coping skills or about how other successful people learned to overcome major obstacles, etc.
  17. Pay off your biggest costs/expenses/debts/loans as soon as you can. By the time you retire, you should have NO MORTGAGE, CAR PAYMENTS, CREDIT CARD LOANS.
  18. Put away as much money as you can afford, today, and invest it wisely in retirement or any other sheltered plan permitted by your government.
  19. And, of course, get good financial advice from a qualified, Certified Financial Planner or Analyst.
  20. Be sure your will is prepared and your loved ones know that it exists and how they can get access to it.