Okay. Let’s see if I understand this correctly? The majority of LinkedIn profiles feature photos, but your profile doesn’t? All your connections know who you are and what you look like, but you are hiding your photo anyways? We have almost no online privacy anymore, but you want to keep your photo private anyways? Here’s some questions that missing photos MIGHT generate in the minds of the vast audience that uses LinkedIn almost every day:

  • Too ugly to feature a photo?
  • Hiding from the cops, NSA, FBI, RCMP or some regulatory body?
  • Too lazy to add or upload a photo?
  • Doesn’t know how to use basic technology to upload a photo?
  • Doesn’t want to take the time or put out effort to have a decent photo?
  • Wants to attract attention by being absent a photo?
  • Thinks it is way cool to waste the time of hiring companies by having them request a photo, which they won’t do?
  • Thinks it overcomes possible discrimination among hiring companies, in which case speaks to the matter of trusting a future employer and a way to start off on the wrong foot.

So…can someone tell me where the positive factor is in hiding a profile photo on this professional website called LinkedIn…used by professionals with professional behavior and professional standards and ethics? Maybe you should have a photo?  But if you do, be sure it is a great photo. [For a great photo see our tips by clicking here in the article: “Profile PHOTO Smoking-HOT or Dud?! “]