It’s been a few years, now, that this website has been providing Nuggets about a wide variety of subjects which my readers find helpful.

I was curious about audience preferences so I ranked the nearly 500 Nuggets into some arbitrary categories to direct my own future research to those Nugget topics most popular among you, our 300,000, (to date), site visitors. Thank you!

Along the way, it occurred to me that you may be curious about what your friends and colleagues may be interested in. If so, I published the ranking in the list below.

I want to thank you for visiting this site. I hope you find these Nuggets as helpful as they are intended to be. This list below may even suggest some Nuggets you may not know already exists and that may be helpful to you?  So, check out the list below and enjoy yourself.

I wish all visitors to this site the very best in health and career success.

Now check out what’s hot on this website. Here’s the “Ranking”…

  1. Diets. Topics covered include: FASTING, KETO, STARCH, MEDITERRANEAN, HEART-HEALTHY, BRAIN-HEALTHY, and more.
  2. Sex. Better sex, erectile dysfunction, eat this (food), sex molecule, size, boobs, prostate, skin-perfect.
  3. Managerial Ego.
  4. Career Advice. Topics include: story telling, career plan, unwritten rules, publicity, office politics, interviews, attributes, traps to career success, accelerating careers, insider secrets, differentiating yourself, body and breath odor,  getting ahead faster, negotiating, working smarter, laid off, burnout, time management, and a ton more stuff…
  5. Crush Addictions. Topics include: support tools, recognizing and intercepting triggers, how to develop healthy distractions, support groups, and a bunch more useful strategies.
  6. Better employees. Topics include: creating breakthroughs, becoming more valuable, making process changes.
  7. Aging. Topics include: slowing aging, eating better, protecting your heart, protecting arteries, protecting your brain, Altzheimer’s, and much more.
  8. Law of Karma. Topics include: Understanding how to use the LAW of KARMA, cancel bad Karma. Search “Karma”.
  9. Tracking down great jobs: Topics include: money trails, rising from unemployment, serving automation…many Nuggets about jobs, jobs and jobs. Search: ‘jobs’, ‘unemployed’, ‘unemployment’.
  10. Riches, wealth. Topics include: how to make yourself richer, buying smarter, protecting your wealth, boosting your income, investing and much more.
  11. Photos for social/professional media. Topics include: importance and qualities of profile photos.
  12. Goals.
  13. Fulcrum moving. Topics include: goals, more with less, shifting your focus to gain productivity, pareto, useless to-do lists, working smarter.
  14. Team. Topics include: Metanoic, managing, leadership, successful managers,  innovating.
  15. Networks. Topics include: turn on your network, meetings, mentors, corporate coaches, making your manager succeed so you succeed, and plenty more tips.
  16. Success. Topics include: failures, 30 reasons, excellence, influencers, self-promising, achievers, and much more.
  17. Health. Information about cholesterol, triglycerides.
  18. …and plenty more which are not categorized into the above…if you have something in mind, use the search box to determine if a Nugget on that topic is posted to this website.