All the while during which the USA political administration keeps telling Americans how much of a lame duck and demon the Russian President is supposed to be, the Russian President, Mr. Putin, is busy continuously one-upping the USA in just about every matter.  Now it’s about landing on the moon…and staying there. It was recently announced that RUSSIA will land on the moon in about 14 years and establish permanent settlements there. This ought to set off alarm bells in the White House and to re-ignite the space race.

The rule is that nobody is supposed to claim or own any area of the moon. But maybe no one told Russia’s President?

Yet, a space race against Russia may not be such a bad idea.

Though it will cost lots of money, there ought to be many benefits for Americans and its allies. Look to what happened the last time the USA learned that Russia had developed an advantage in space. So much money and resources were poured into the space race that the USA eventually achieved leadership only to give it over to Russia in recent years. In the process, almost every technology imaginable was pushed into new territory with breakthrough innovations resulting in new capabilities and even new science and physics that will benefit civilization for centuries to come. If, in the meantime, we don’t toast the Earth with a nuclear war, we ought to see even more benefits and technologies from this space race to establishing permanent colonies on the moon.

Russia’s announcement that it will find the best place to establish PERMANENT MOON BASES and accompanying colonies of Russians appeared in the Russian news.  [Source:, Dec 4, 2015]

Will the White House follow suit or simply capitulate “Moon Base Alpha”?