Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Salem, N.C., provided an online news release titled, “Most Top-Selling, Over-the-Counter Sexual Treatments Unproven, Some Could be Harmful…”, (Jan. 11, 2016).

That article did nothing to find the root cause of erectile dysfunction, (ED). All it does is help teach doctors that some supplements are not safe, even if they are sold over-the-counter as herbs and supplements.  Largely thanks to TV commercials that tell me to ask their doctors about ED, doctors are being inundated by men asking for a pill or a supplement that will help. Men will asked for a pill, but won’t ask for the underlying cause. Men should be asking, “What caused it?” and “How can I reverse it?”  But they don’t ask. And the TV commercials, doctors and statistics, makes it seem as if it is natural to experience ED. Well, it’s not natural. Flagpoles were intended to fly at full mast well into very, very old age. So why don’t they?

Old age is not the problem and not the cause. Losing sexual interest because one has become “conditioned” and no longer is aroused, is a possibility, of course. But if we are talking about ED, about an inability of a man to raise his flagpole at all, despite the stimulus, then it likely because of what that man did to the inside of his body, to his arteries, from a lifetime of eating “macho” foods, man food, and too much of it: T-bone steak, BBQs, ribs, wings, eggs, bacon, cheese, milkshakes, milk before or after exercise, pizza, hamburgers…  If your “barometer” can’t rise, then, likely, what you’ve been eating is not wise.

Provided ED is not rooted in an accident and not rooted in a psychological trauma,  and provided the man appears to be in relatively good shape, meaning, no other likely illness or disease that would cause ED, then, it’s highly likely that the inability to raise the flagpole is due to a lifetime of eating North American type foods from which almost everyone, men and women, suffer restricted, constricted and blocked arteries. An early sign of that may be a man’s failing flagpole.

In the article they did mention that some supplements, herbs, may be dangerous. For example, some contain nitrates which, if a man has a pending heart condition, can actually push that man over the edge into cardiovascular problems, strokes, and heart attacks. Another example?  Where men suffering from an enlarged prostate are taking meds for that, a very common disease in America these days starting even at age as young as 40, some ED supplements can cause feinting spells or dizziness, making it dangerous, for example, when climbing stairs or operating motor vehicles.

In that article, it is cited that, “An estimated 40 to 70 percent of men experience some form of sexual dysfunction during their lives…” That kind of statistic makes it sound as though this is just a common male problem and that almost all males experience, or can expect to experience, an inability to raise their flagpole at some point in time.

But ED, of the non-disease and non-trauma type,  should never exist. Let me repeat my statement: ED NEVER NEEDS TO EXIST.  So, why does it exist?

If your “barometer” can’t rise,  what you eat is not wise.

Men need to be told, “It’s your lifetime of eating fat-laden meats, fish, nuts, oils, and dairy, and now your arteries are clogged.”  The frightening reality is, if a man’s arteries in his flagpole are blocked, then likely some, or many, of his other arteries throughout his body are also blocked or significantly restricted. Danger ahead!!

A lifetime of eating fat-laden foods in the American diet is what plugs arteries, whether in the flagpole or throughout the entire body, even the leanest cuts of chicken, beef, other poultry, fish, skim milk, yogurt, and especially cheese. But take heed: if you treat ED as an advance warning, you may be able to prevent other very serious cardiovascular events: major strokes, heart attacks, and, possibly, other organ diseases or failure.

Treat ED as an early warning of a serious cardiovascular event looming on the horizon. Ed can be a blessing if you consider it an early warning indicator a barometer of your overall health of your arteries.  If your “barometer” can’t rise, then, likely, what you’ve been eating is not wise.

When we eat food sources of fats, (meats, poultry, fish, dairy, cheese), the fat has to go somewhere. First it goes into the blood stream to displace precious oxygen-enriched blood cells with slugging, sticky, slow, lumbering, laboring, plump fat cells. That results in disease, damaged organs, plaques, and eventually arteries so damaged that the fats in the bloodstream, and the lack of rich red blood cells in the arteries, begins to interfere with just about every natural cellular function within the body. That very same lifestyle of eating a “man’s meal” turns male potency into impotence and is a set up for worse diseases and illnesses to come. Not only can a man’s flagpole be permanently damaged. So can a man’s arteries,  liver, kidneys, BRAIN, HEART and every other organ.

ED pharmaceuticals are often merely a temporary, stop-gap solution that simply treats the symptom, but does nothing to remove or reverse the underlying the cause: artery damage from a lifetime of unwise food choices.

MEN: if you can’t get your flagpole up, get to a doctor. Your doctor may prescribe a pill but also insist on having him look into the condition and health of your blood and arteries.  Start by requesting a full blood work up for blood fat levels such as cholesterols. If your cholesterols are too high, stop all the food sources of fats and follow your doctor’s advice to lower your blood levels of fats.

Can ED be reversed? Can ED be cured?  Possibly. If you have not waited too long and if the plaques that have built up in the arteries of your flagpole have not hardened, then a healthier food regime just might be able to help keep ED away and you might be alive for many years into the future.

I am not a doctor. Be sure to consult a qualified doctor before making any changes to your supplements, medications, diet, exercise,  and lifestyle. And…hopefully, your doctor has some respectable training in nutrition and understands the impact on arteries and organs from a lifetime of eating fats in our foods.