Men: you CAN make one very important ORGAN on your body GROW MUCH LARGER by eating plenty of protein, drinking alcohol, enjoying sweetened products, relaxing a lot,  and indulging in dairy products.

O-o-o-ops!  Sorry.  It’s not the organ you are likely thinking about.

This organ won’t please your sex partner and it won’t please you. In fact, for both of you, it is likely to become a big pain in the ass, (pardon the pun).

It’s the PROSTATE.

By indulging in the typical American diet and lifestyle you are almost certain to earn yourself either an ENLARGED PROSTATE or a  CANCEROUS PROSTATE or both.

The enlarged prostate is called  benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH.  You’ll know you have it because you’ll have to hit the washroom frequently to urinate, something that will be especially annoying at night. Another warning sign that you have BPH or maybe cancer of the prostate may be a rising PSA score which is determined through blood testing.   Oh, yes. Keep in mind that when you do race to the washroom because of the discomfort from bladder and kidney pressure you’ll become quite impatient because you’ll have a tough time having a whiz. You’ll be at it for quite some time, each time.

You may know something about BPH.

You may know that it is considered to be an “old man’s disease”?  You’d be right and wrong. Old guys do get it, but so do young guys, some in their mid-30’s.  In America, and other countries aspiring to the American lifestyle, millions upon millions of men are suffering from both BPH and prostate cancer.

For those of you just coming into your own regarding BPH or even prostate cancer, you may want to check some of websites of doctors who treat chronic diseases with diet and lifestyle changes so you can have an intelligent discussion with your doctors. Check out  and  and Dr. Michael Gregor over at .

Though the internet is filled with information on the subject of enlarged prostate and prostate cancer, remind yourself that you are not the expert. So, don’t try to self-diagnose. If you even think you have a concern, consult your doctor, and consult your doctor BEFORE making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. The following video may also be helpful. [Video courtesy: ]