No other way to put this…learn to love temporary jobs, those jobs obtained for you by temporary placement, also called contract placement firms. Temp jobs often become a foot in the door, a way to experience, learn, the culture and build a network within a corporation. When a full-time position comes up, guess who has a “shoe in”?  Temp jobs often are also used to measure you, to test a number of potential candidates before the company swings into a full-time commitment.

Plenty of companies use the services of temporary employment agencies. By now the count has to be close to about 50% or 60% of the firms out there. That is just a guess on my part since about 2 years ago the percentage was recorded at close to 40% but since then the job market has become rocky at best and the average of national wages have been stagnating. So, my guess is probably pretty close.

If 60% of the firms are seeking temp workers, and paying them about the $25 an hour range, or less, with about the same amount going to the placement firm, then it might make sense to put your name in with some of the temp firms if you are searching for a job and have had a bad time getting into interviews. After all, a part-time job is better than no job at all.

It’s a great deal for companies. No long-term commitments. No need to pay the exhorbitant costs of full-time benefit packages. And they get to test drive, so to say, people to see if they can fit or not. It’ll also be a good line or two on your resume versus sitting around on your butt waiting for the right job and the right opportunity. It’s a pretty good idea to take on a part-time job while waiting for that full-time job, especially if the part-time job can let you take on new skills or expertise. Beware, though, it may affect any unemployment insurance benefits you might be receiving.