On January 11, 2019, the NEWS CHANNELS were running an amazing “discovery” to which you should pay attention.

CBS NEWS headlined the new research, “Want to prevent deadly diseases?…” See End Note 1

The articles pointed to recent research, MASSIVE research, that present conclusive evidence, as conclusive as one can statistically obtain, that “longevity” rises as diets switch to increasing amounts of fiber. Sorry Keto diet proponents. But you are now “conclusively” out-of-date, once again.

Low-carbohydrate diet proponents have been reinventing high-protein and high-fat diets ever since meats, fish, poultry, and dairy were labeled “protein”. In hindsight it was a terrible mistake in nutritional thinking to label animal muscle and tissue, “protein”.

The word protein originated from the ancient Greek word for “primary”. When protein was first discovered, by Dutch Chemist named Mulder, back in the early 1800’s, it was thought to be the most important substance for animal life on earth. A fallacy that has never been retracted. So he fashioned the name after the ancient word for first. Since then it has been proven that, though protein is indeed useful, protein is NOT the most essential substance for life. A wide variety of molecules are essential, and protein being only one of hundreds of thousands. Surprisingly, protein also exists in plant based foods. But before doctors new any better, they focused on protein because it sounded like it was the most important of all nutrients, else why would “they” have called it “protein” in the first place?

But fallacies get propagated and entrenched over time. Myths become beliefs and those beliefs turn to opinion which are then confused with facts. Business was quick to jump on that protein myth.

Commerce being all about selling more products to boost corporate profitability, the animal and dairy industry piled on mountains of dollars to saturate the media with advertising and publicity articles to convince the masses that we need to eat tons and tons of protein to sustain our health. Granted, some amounts of protein is essential. And you can get plenty from plant food itself. On the other end of the extreme scale, TOO MUCH PROTEIN can work against one’s long-term health.

In the early years, wealthy people who could afford the most expensive foods ate plenty of meats, fish, poultry and dairy products…and many also enjoyed the disease known as gout. Today there is a strong association between too much protein and multiple chronic and deadly diseases. And this recent study, alluded to earlier in this nugget, once again proves that too much protein is not healthy and certainly not essential. It’s just the opposite.

This study points out, [reminds us!!], that filling your breakfast, lunch and dinner plates with fiber foods is the smartest choice and the choice most essential to health and longevity.

According to the CBS article that highlights the study, a high-fiber diet reduces risk of mortality from major diseases by significant amounts. See End Note 1

If we turn to the study, itself, and not just the snippets that appear in the press and on TV, we discover that this study covered a large amount of ground. According to the authors of this research, they examined a large number of medical databases which reported medical studies and randomized trials published from as early as the origination of those medical databases to as recently as 2018. That massive amount of research covered…are you ready for this?… “…135 MILLION person-years of data…185 prospective studies58 clinical trials” See End Note 2

So, just like the findings reported from the 900,000 person study labelled, the China Study, years ago, and just like the findings reported in last year’s multi-hundred thousand Singapore study, we can now add the above study to the evidence that, though observational, continues to suggest that the more fiber you eat, the better.

Before I leave you, let me remind you that on this site you can read more about MEDICAL DOCTORS who have been slowing, stopping, and even reversing such chronic diseases as Heart Attacks, Strokes, Type-2 Diabetes, High-Blood Pressure, Arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis. Those doctors have one thing in common: they have directed their patients to a WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED diet. In other words, they are reportedly “CURING” chronic diseases, and not merely reducing the symptoms by using pharmaceuticals with the many serious side effects of pharmaceuticals. Generally, those doctors have the following protocols in common:

  • adopt a vegan fresh-food diet
  • avoid ALL oils
  • exercise
  • avoid or minimize alcohol
  • lose weight, though often a natural outcome of the above

WARNING: this Nugget is for information purposes and does not constitute a recommendation. Be sure to check with your doctor who is authorized to diagnose medical problems and recommend medical therapies. You should not change your medications, supplements, diet, exercise, or anything else that may affect your health and well-being until you consult with your doctor.


1- “Want to prevent deadly diseases? Eat more fiber, study says” By Alan Mozes. CBS NEWS. Updated Jan. 11, 2019. Healthday.

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