I sometimes work with job seekers to apply my writing skills, creativity, people-management, promotion, and resume writing experience.  One of the steps in my thorough assessment process is a critique of their LinkedIn profile. Most I’ve seen are barely passable. None meet my criteria of letting the reader experience who you are. I’m told, “Do everything else, but don’t touch my LinkedIn profile.” Too bad. But I respect their wishes and work to accomplish our miracle with the other aspects of their documentation. Yet, I continue to be puzzled at the fact that people, business executives included, just “don’t get it”. I like to use the analogy of “Acres of Diamonds”…”a diamond in your backyard, yet you overlook it.”

That’s why I was so thrilled today that I was beside myself with joy.  Finally, word is out.  Now, maybe more LinkedIn users will get to work on improving their online profiles?

Today, (Jan. 5, 2014), while hunting for “nuggets” for our website, I stumbled across a great, GREAT, article that should be read by all LinkedIn profile users who are planning to do any job hunting. This article is a gem of an article. Read it and polish that gem to your advantage…then go back and polish your LinkedIn profile.  Here’s a quick summary of the main points that I have used to advise my clients, in the past, when I was active in the resume building and job coaching business.  And I found a great article that will help you to better appreciate some or all of the points in the following list.

  1. Take advantage of the flexibility that LinkedIn profiles offer when writing. It’s flexible. Maybe you should be, too. Don’t impose artificial limits on your  writing.
  2. Learn how to tag yourself with search (key) words. Search engines look for clues. Recruiters’ minds, do, too.
  3. Don’t put recruiters to sleep. Pull them through your profile much like a great short story does. Not just  boring facts.  Create interest if you want recruiters to be interested.
  4. It takes courage to advertise and feature your very best credentials and qualifications. Some think it is bragging. Learn the difference between bragging and promoting yourself.
  5. If you are unsure, embarrassed, or lacking in the necessary skills for the above, then, do the obvious.  Get help.

[For additional information and a great article to supplement the above tips.  READ IT if you plan to hunt for a job:   “How to Avoid Misusing LinkedIn…not everyone knows how to use it effectively.” By Robin Madell. usnews.com.  Feb. 4, 2014]