Want to get ahead in your career?  Here’s 8 strategies that can help to make it happen.

  1. Drop the ego! Think of yourself as a product. Do what marketers do for products, but do it to yourself. That means to think of a clever way to advertise yourself without turning off your audience. [This site has tips on self-promotion.  Apply them!  See End Note 1 ]
  2. You’ve heard the old adage, “No human is an island”?  That certainly applies tenfold when it comes to moving up the corporate ladder in business. To be able to move up, you need many people to be saying good things about you behind your back. Not because you kissed their ass, but because you were genuinely good, sincere, and helpful to them.
  3. Practice giving credit where credit was due.  Always!
  4. Be super-strong in an area of knowledge, skills, or information that applies to your current job to help you excel and achieve excellence always, while equipping yourself, (extension courses?),  with the tools to be super-strong in the next job your are targeting.
  5. Not everyone is going to be interested in you or your potential. Marketers spend a fortune to find out who their customers are. Like a marketer, do you know who is going to be interested in you or your potential contribution?
  6. What is it that you offer that no one else can?
  7. Have you always gone the extra mile to help your boss succeed? Never too late to start now. [This requires more than just meeting whatever objectives your boss assigns.  See End Note 2 ]
  8. Get connected outside the company but within your field. Be a name in the eco-system connected to your type of work. See End Note 3  ]


  1. Advertising oneself:   Hire YOURSELF As PUBLICITY AGENT  and  Move Your FULCRUM Off That Chair!
  3. Participate in organizations, associations, groups related to your area of specialty. Even charities makes for great exposure. Try to get onto committees and aim for a high-level position within them.