An increasing number of researchers, authors, and especially new companies are paying attention to an increasing number of successes in the field of immuno-therapy as a CURE for CANCER.

STOP! Don’t get overly excited about this great news. This is not yet fully researched across all forms of cancer. Plenty of research and experimentation lays ahead for researchers and doctors. We are merely at the doorstep. Some hospitals and doctors are beginning to use this technology, but not all. It is still very early. In other words, it may be many years before it is fully researched and drugs fully tested to be on the market. BUT, if you know someone who has cancer, suggest that they discuss this subject with their oncologist. Their oncologist may be aware of this technology and any latest developments.

What is it? What is immuno-oncology?

It is a COMBINATION of powerful PHARMACEUTICALS to strip away the cloaking mechanism cancer uses to disguise and hide from the immune system …PLUS… it involves a therapy to enlist and boost your own, natural, immune system. Once the immune system detects cancer cells, and, provided your immune system is strong and doesn’t get overwhelmed, it just may be able to crush that cancer.

Your immune system is there to protect you from every form of “foreign” invader.

So, why does your body allow cancer to take a foothold and to grow?

Cancer is a tricky, stealthy, beastly enemy. Many cancers take about 10 years or more to manifest themselves. So, if you feel that lump, it likely started about 10 or more years earlier as a single cell that began to duck and weave and outsmart your immune system, or it caught your immune system when it was in a highly compromised state. For whatever reasons, your immune system failed to detect cancer cells as a foreign invader. In fact, cancer cells are also clever enough to enlist your own immune system as if it your immune system was a mercenary army seeking employment. Once protected, your immune system treats those protected cancer cells as a friendly visitor and, sometimes, even nurtures it. The result, cancer has an environment in which to grow.

It’s that disguise that the immuno-therapy tackles. It works to remove that disguise so your immune system can recognize the cancer cells as an enemy that must be destroyed. But you do need a strong immune system able to rise to the challenge after those cancer cells are revealed.

You should always be working at good health. Doing so will keep your immune system in your optimal condition and in its best shape to take on its job, day after day, to protect your body from foreign invaders of all sorts.

There is no guarantee that you will avoid cancer. But there is information that may be able to help. The medical establishment has been offering people a number caveats to help people become more aware of possible dangers from our actions, lifestyles, environments, and diets. Here’s a partial list of some factors that may trigger cancer:

  1. Cancer loves SUGAR.
  2. Cancer loves INSULIN SPIKES (eating sweets, too much protein, etc.)
  3. Cancer loves food cooked in plastics.
  4. Cancer loves carcinogenic products, from pesticides to cosmetics to some additives in sun screens, etc.
  5. Cancer loves heavy metals: arsenic, lead, etc.
  6. Cancer loves body fat.
  7. Cancer loves people who do not exercise.
  8. Cancer loves junk foods and a number of ingredients in some packaged foods.
  9. Cancer loves some pharmaceuticals prescribed by your doctor…but 10 to 20 years later may be suspected as a potential trigger.
  10. Cancer loves environmental contaminants.
  11. Cancer loves too much alcohol.
  12. Cancer loves smoking: many products which are burned and inhaled, or simulate burning to inhale, introduce particulates that can get trapped in one’s lung cells.
  13. Cancer loves radiation: think scanners, X-Rays, nuclear bombs, 5-G, WIFI, handhelds, portable phones, FUKISHIMA, etc.
  14. Cancer loves many, many other other things

Since there are some 300 or more forms of cancer, your immune system has one heck of challenge. Until your immune system gets faked out by cancer, it will fight it and hold it at bay, provided it is resilient and healthy enough to do so.

Is there anything we can do to strengthen our immune system? A number of publications by researchers and doctors leave us to believe, yes, we can improve our immune system.

This one book has plenty of information in easy-to-understand explanations: SUPER IMMUNITY by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. Click here to link to his work posted at Amazon.

And…remember. This Nugget, like all my Nuggets on this website, is for information purposes and not a recommendation. Do NOT stop any therapies, medications, supplements, diets, or any other protocols prescribed by, or recommended by, your doctor. Check with your doctor before making any adjustments to your exercise, health-management programs or diet.

Wishing you the ultimate in health.