Top-Ranked Applicant ATTRIBUTE: “Energy & Enthusiasm”

DIFFERENTIATE yourself from all other candidates.

Repeated Behavior: Prove YOU’VE Been a STRONG CONTRIBUTOR.

Attributes like these will help you score top marks for your interview and possibly even help you to win that job you desire.

What follows is a summary of what many expert interviewers have mentioned in their conversations, in various articles, in a number of blogs. Though I did an extensive search of key phrases within that context, this is not a statistically valid, scientific research project and I could not afford to spend $30,000 phoning and visiting hundreds of HR representatives. Instead, what follows comes from many written comments that appeared in various articles and posts. Advice offered here, there, and everywhere gathered into one convenient list for your benefit.  This list answers the often-asked question from job seekers, “What attributes, qualities, and qualifications of candidates GENERALLY matters most to interviewers?” Now you have the answer, not the definitive answer, but one very, nearly definitive. So, as they say in 6-Sigma, “GEMO”–Good Enough Move On.

Now that you can make an informed decision about what matters most to interviewers, don’t try to nail every one of these attributes. Rather, focus on the attributes that matter most. That would be the attributes appearing in the first section of this long list and ends with “Self-Confident”. Don’t completely ignore the other attributes since there is a certain amount of synergy and a certain bias when trying to explain topics such as this. For example, although technical expertise appears further down the list, it may be there because at the moment of answering this question that expert had something else in mind that he or she thought was often lacking from previously interviewed candidates. So, it is in your interest to weigh each attribute and to be flexible during the interview. Handle yourself intelligently. Pick great “stories” to tell.

A great story will demonstrate by your accomplishments and past actions that you possess a vast collection of these attributes without having to point out each one.

Do a CREDIBLE JOB OF CONVINCING the interviewer that you have demonstrated, have achieved, and continue to have these attributes.

The attached represents plenty of hard work on my part. Now it is up to you to COMMUNICATE exceedingly well. You will have to “prove” that you have these attributes and have stronger affinity to keep on delivering these attributes than any of your competitors for the job. It will all come down to the STORY YOU TELL in person and on paper in your resume. Your cover letter and resume will be the document, the ticket, that gets you into the interview. What you say and how you say it during the interview(s) will get you the job.

If I was job hunting, I’d pay close attention to this list. I’d practice my “stories” to ensure I communicate my attributes to the interviewer in a convincing, credible and interest-provoking manner. In fact, that is exactly what I did when I was job hunting. Except at that time I had no list such as this, merely the opinion of one author of books on writing resumes verses another author’s opinion. Nonetheless, I took it all in and then practiced telling credible, truthful, stories. Notice that honesty is way up there on the following list.

Get busy topping up your resume, your attributes, and putting some interview muscle into your stories….It may help to read my Nugget about story telling. [You can start by reading about stories at this link…click here.]