Whatever vitamin or mineral SUPPLEMENT you ingest, whatever FOOD you eat, whatever DRINK, whatever PHARMACEUTICAL…whatever you put into your body…take the time to first discover the short-term and long-term health consequences.

Some consequences accelerate disease and death. [When you finish reading this “Nugget” come back and click here to read my other Nugget about “U”: https://boom-qa.com/observe-u-optimize-health/ ]

In medical science, short-term is called “ACUTE”; longer-term, “CHRONIC”.  EVERYTHING you eat or do has an acute and a chronic consequence. Consider the short-term and long-term consequences of drinking alcohol.

Your body may be able to handle one social, alcoholic drink, other than pregnant women who may damage the brain and body of their fetus with even one small, alcoholic drink. If a person drinks moderately over a long enough period of time they slowly may be damaging the body. By the way, while on the topic of alcohol, new research confirms the logical: drinking alcohol should not be part of your anti-aging program since it does NOT prolong life and, instead,  may shorten it. Read the science yourself:

  •  For men who have never smoked, risk of alcohol related cancers is not appreciably increased for light and moderate drinking (up to two drinks per day). However, for women who have never smoked, risk of alcohol related cancers (mainly breast cancer) increases even within the range of up to one alcoholic drink a day..”  [Source: “Light to moderate intake of alcohol, drinking patterns, and risk of cancer: results from two prospective US cohort studies.”  BMJ 2015;351:h4238. ]
  • [Source: “Alcohol’s evaporating health benefits”. BMJ, 2015; 350 (feb10 5): h407 ]

Whatever you do to your body has an ACUTE and a CHRONIC consequence.

Lifting a heavy weight once a year, does little or nothing to grow muscle strength or girth. Lift a heavy weight repeatedly every few days, (rest between exercise days), will likely cause muscle growth and strength. Walk the block once in a year and do nothing to improve your circulatory system, heart or memory. Walk briskly for 40 minutes three times a week, likely strengthen your circulatory system, heart, brain.

The body is a foundation of strength. You can pound on it for years before you defeat its natural mechanisms to protect and purify its organs. After years of swallowing what you thought was safe you may need that ambulance ride to the hospital emergency room for ACUTE treatment of a CHRONIC disease such as heart arrhythmias. When the doctor asks, you likely will respond, “Dunno. It just happened suddenly.”  But it didn’t. Whatever happened to cause your emergency medical treatment, or whatever disease was finally discovered, was a consequence of a lifetime of doing something to the body, or even was caused by a short exposure to extremely high dosages.

Here’s one last example. A lifetime diet largely of animal products, the typical American diet, often results in diseases which, are often discovered after significant symptoms “suddenly” appear, such as a heart attack.

If you seek an anti-aging regimen, then add these two questions to your anti-aging repertoire:

  1. “Will this trigger any CHRONIC diseases?”
  2. “Is there any evidence-based, peer-reviewed, scientific studies which strongly support the benefits claimed to be in the short-term and in the longer-term?”

By the way. “He said…she said” is NOT evidence. It is an advertising gimmick called a “testimonial”. It is one person’s, or a number of people’s opinion. But it is likely not peer-reviewed, published, science-based “evidence”.  [For more tips about good and bad research: click here to visit my page under the “Learn” tab: https://boom-qa.com/explaining-things/spotting-bad-research/ ]