As you know, I read extensively so my readers won’t have to. One of the areas I pay attention to is the job front, looking for tips to provide to my readers to help with everything about the job search from resumes to handling interviews. In all of my work, I keep my eyes peeled for trends that indicate possible good jobs in the future. Here is a list of such trends based on the amount of press coverage these industries and areas of research seem to be getting, (in no particular ranking):

  • Robotics
  • Drones
  • Material Sciences
  • Computer design and chip development
  • Bio-engineering. Despite the good fight against Genetically Modified Organisms, (GMO), the globe must evolve in that direction to find a way to safely, notice I said “safely”, manipulate the genes of crops to produce more food without destroying insects, farmlands, and causing unforeseen illness in people. Not only is this science desperately needed in the realm of foods, but also for combating disease in people through gene manipulation therapies. Expect plenty of great jobs to be spliced into agriculture or the medical fields.
  • Stem Cell research and therapies–great cures are evolving with the use of ADULT stem cell therapies, from cancers to heart attacks and possibly to spinal cord repair…it’s a bright future.
  • Computer security and forensics.  Industries of all sorts will be hiring experts to stop hackers and to catch ’em!!
  • Energy–oil and gas, and solar. Especially in ways to harness and store energy. In the area of oil and gas, every country is competing for increase share of global exports. The country to figure out how to recover, sell, and ship energy cheaper will have a secure future
  • Transportation–trucking and intermodal. Liquid Natural Gas, (LNG), is on the rise and North America wants a bigger piece of the action overseas. Whether building plants, processing, or shipping LNG, there’ll be plenty of jobs in the next few years as plants come on stream.
  • “Protein” –meaning the raising of farm animals as food for those of you who are carnivores.
  • Mining–precious metals and rare earths are becoming harder to find and recover. Mines must go further afield and dig a lot deeper. Mining technology must continually evolve. This is an industry that will never die and will always need both miners, (the people exploring for, and extracting the ores), and smart engineers to figure out how to do it smarter, safer, and more cost effectively.

I strongly believe this press coverage is teaching us about the flow of development money. As the money flows, so flows the opportunity for GREAT jobs.