Want to feel better?  Hike the amount of time you spend riding your bike, as in bicycle.

New Scientist recently, (Jan 22, 2018), reported that bicycling helps us to remain steadier and more sure-footed much longer into old age. If you are sure-footed, you’ll have less chances of tripping and falling from which injuries can ensue.  People over 65 who continue to bicycle regularly have more fun but they also are strengthening almost ever fiber in their body as well as providing continuing conditioning of their motor skills, such as their balance mechanisms.

Add to that: exercise promotes a stronger heart, improved arterial capability, helps you to lose weight, is entertaining, helps you to enjoy more sensuality and “sensitivity”, improves your self-confidence, improves your image/looks, (from Gluteus Maximus! to your triceps), and gives you a hormonal boost called the “happiness” or “feel-good’ hormones that other athletes also experience.

If you are stuck indoors because of inclement weather, place a stationary bike in front of a TV set to enjoy your favorite program while exercising. If you want to take the TV experience even further, invest in a few DVDs which provide touring scenes and enjoy riding your bike as you pretend to tour California, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Switzerland, or any other favorite state or country that may be available for your viewing.

The human body is a tool that has to be moved often else, it will get “rusty” quicker. Biking is a great way to move about. Do more of it, if you can.

[WARNING: before adopting any exercise or changes to exercise, diet, or lifestyle, consult a qualified physician.]