I’m a curious person. These days when I look at a person, I’m compelled to wonder about the condition of a person’s arteries. So, I do instantly  “judge a book by its cover”. Not skin color or nationality. This is a different way of judging people.

As weird as this may sound, I judge people, not by skin color or physique, but by their ARTERIES because of some history of losing others to heart disease, and of stories I hear from others.  See End Note

  • Many people are impressed by a gorgeous woman in a sexy outfit, expensive purse, sweet-smelling perfume. Not me. I’m impressed by the likely condition of her arteries.
  • Many people are impressed by that guy in the gym who can lift twice his body weight. Not me. A gorilla-looking muscle-builder would be a first-class act if his arteries were whistle clean and not so damaged from all the protein he is likely wolfing down thinking it helps to pump up his muscles.

People are not impressive to me because of perfume, expensive clothing, vocation, skin color, stature, or anything else about what I see when I look at someone. It’s about what I can’t readily see that impresses me. It’s about healthy arteries. And if people follow the popular diets, or get their nutrition information from TV and radio commercials, they likely have terrible arteries and have already shortened their time to expiry.

  • If people eat the typical American diet, they look like a typical American: fat. Arteries damaged.
  • If people eat a typical Mediterranean diet, as defined by the American Medical Association, they look like today’s version of a Mediterranean: fat. Arteries damaged, not as much as the American diet, but nonetheless, damaged.
  • If people follow the NEW revised American dietary Guidelines, they’ll look like someone who follows the new guidelines: fat. Arteries will be damaged since this is a confusing restatement of the American diet.

In all three nutritional programs, those people following those guidelines will be damaging their arteries and shortening their expiration dates. In each of those cases the fat you wear is the fat that causes a lifetime of plaques in your arteries. When that plaque that has accumulated after 10 years, (in the case of children), or after 2 to 4 decades, (in the case of adults), tears open, it spews sticky, gooey, disgusting, puss-like substances into the arteries to cause them to block. When arteries are blocked, the body begins to fall apart: heart attacks and strokes.

…the fat you wear tells that you have artery plaque that will tear .

So, for me, it is not about skin color, expensive clothing, large bust sizes, pretty faces, expensive make-up or perfumes, or anything else about the outer body. It’s about the likely condition of a person’s arteries. And sometimes I am so impressed that I am compelled to ask, “Out of curiosity, are you a strict vegan?”

Vegans are rare enough. But just imagine meeting someone who is not only vegan, but also avoids all oils.

If someone says that he or she is a “Vegan, no-oils” you are meeting a very impressive human being who likely has a very high I.Q., knows the true information about nutrition, and who likely has a very long human expiration date. If you are attracted to someone, who is a “strict vegan, no -ils”, you just met a gem of a human being as rare as the largest, rarest diamond.

Smart people emphasize healthy arteries from which the body naturally glows from the inside out. That’s what a VEGAN, NO-OIL diet does to people. 

WARNING:  Before you change your diet to become a Vegan, No-Oils, be sure your doctor gives you a clean bill of health and permission to do so. Beware:  a regimen as Vegan, No-Oils will cause you to lose weight rapidly, feel much healthier, sleep better, may reduce snoring; and may cause your diabetes, if Type-2, and your hypertension, (high blood pressure), to be dramatically lowered. Because you may lower or eliminate some diseases, you may need to revisit your doctor to have medications titrated lower or even permanently terminated. But, only let your doctor prescribe or modify your medications…don’t do it yourself and don’t guess.

End Notes.

  1. A few months ago a friend confided in me that he was puzzled by the sudden death of a body builder in peak health who dropped dead at age 50.  Why?
  2. In high school I had a very close friend who was an accomplished athlete, great personality, who died of a massive heart attack at age 19. Why?
  3. Recently a good friend of mine, at my age, had a stroke and was left partially paralyzed and with partially blocked vision in one eye. Why?
  4. A good friend just had major surgery for prostate cancer. Why?
  5. The other day when working out at the gym I noticed large, beefy, muscle-bound, body builders strutting from one piece of exercise equipment to another, peacocks prancing. Those guys in our gym slam back large amounts of protein from meats and additionally from protein shakes. From across the gym I could almost hear their arteries crying out in pain. They are unknowingly shortening their expiration dates. Why?
  6. It’s time for me to write about ARTERIES!!