Doctors don’t cure you of disease.  They merely help the body to do that by containing or removing enough of the contagion. So both you and your body eventually must “heal thyself”!

Don’t take that too literally. You can not kick doctors out of your life. There is a valued role for doctors and hospitals and always will be. Example: accidents. Or, after a lifetime of misinformation or abuse when your body suddenly maxes out and just as suddenly breaks down. When chronic, (long-term), abuse triggers an acute, (sudden) medical incident, like a heart attack, cancer, crippling arthritis, medical intervention may become absolutely necessary. But, even then, what doctors do is whatever is necessary to get your body over the emergency and to begin its own natural healing process once the contagion is excised or the damage is repaired.  Then it is entirely up to you and your body to regain sufficient strength and optimum health to continue to heal by yourself.

Other than injuring the body from accidents, much can be done to help keep the body healthier, as ex-President Bill Clinton eventually learned. [Once again, the learning, the lesson, comes after the experience.]

Our society is being crushed by unhealthier foods…

The culprits? Convenient foods. Fast food. Packaged foods. Mostly, because of foods derived from animals, or “foods with faces”.  Among the diseases associated with “foods with faces”: heart disease.

In this Nugget, I want to defer to ex-President Bill Clinton who speaks to his heart attacks which caused him to take note of the above foods and the relationship to disease, his disease, his heart attacks. It is worth taking the two minutes to view it.

But I also want to use this Nugget to mention an interesting factoid about of the seats of chairs, [of all things!], and about a study that generated interesting outcomes from a large group of people. About chair seats.

Before the 1900’s, seats on chairs were slightly shy of 17 inches wide. Today, chair seats are often more than 22 inches wide. Why is that?

Well. That’s it on chair seats. Just wanted you to know that our chair seats are growing wider.

What about that big study?

I recently learned of a study of Seventh Day Adventists involving over 96,000 participants, that compared those Adventists who consumed meat and fish to a group of Adventists who didn’t. The “didn’t group” were either Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarians, (ate dairy and eggs, but no meats or fish), or Total Vegetarians, (Vegans). The study sample was suitably large enough to arrive at some interesting hypotheses. Here’s one worth mulling over.

The meat and fish eaters had many times the cholesterol levels and incidence of many diseases compared to either of the vegetarian groups. In a nutshell, where there is high cholesterol and high fat in foods there is high cholesterol and high fats in the blood of people who eat those foods with faces.