No question it is important to do what you were hired to do. In theory, everybody should be doing that. So how do you rise above the crowd to get noticed and rewarded? How do you get those promotions? How do you become a shining star? Granted, the list of what to do can be rather long. (Do a search of this website for other articles on becoming a more valuable employee.) Most people are happy to receive a list of WHAT to do. Today, I want to direct your attention to one of the “HOW” factors that exceptional performers master.

Within “excellence” is a vital activity that too few employees consciously consider as part of their role on the job. Answer this question, and you’ll have the new attitude that will suggest the most appropriate behavor for you and your company: “How can you do a better job of finding and conveying useful information?”  What information? Think of data and information as either High Density Lipoprotein, (HDL), the good cholesterol, or Low Density Lipoprotein, (LDL), the bad cholesterol. Think of yourself as an artery passing along either HDL or LDL. One helps the corporate body stay healthy. The other causes the body to degrade and suffer a loss of optimum health.

Give plenty of thought to what data and information you can uncover on your job and then convey to your manager. Good data and information, and every job has an ongoing source of good information, will help your manager function better. What manager won’t appreciate that?

Your manager’s job depends on good information. Make yourself part of that information gathering function by proactively seeking and passing along useful information. Information is most useful when it aligns with corporate and managerial needs, objectives, and trends.