No negotiation or friendship can possibly succeed in an environment of mistrust. Right thinking, unbiased thinking, must prevail in all interactions. Especially where wealth is concerned. Clarity of mind is an absolute requirement. And Karma is standing guard.

You can lie and cheat your way to riches. But Karma won’t let you hold those riches for long if you achieved it with wrong thinking, with an intention to win at the expense of the other. Karma wants you to seed win-win events.

Acquiring wealth by using deception and mistrust to disrupt and hurt others so you can win, is the wrong approach within a Universe that seeks to spread harmony. If you stole or cheated, then  Karma will find a way to take that wealth from you, sooner or later. Sometimes Karma may work to make your life the equivalent of a “living hell”.  The Hindus extend this rule into reincarnation by believing that no thief will be reincarnated into a rich, blessed life. Instead, Hindus believe reincarnation will doom the thief to a new life filled with suffering to ensure the thief experiences what he or she did to others during this lifetime.

Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, Karma is still with you, with us, standing guard to ensure it teaches us righteous thinking. It does that by letting us keep wealth we earned through good deeds, through proper thoughts and proper efforts.  Karma monitors your thoughts about wealth, too. Bear no animosity to those who come from wealthy families. That would be to practice wrong thinking. Do not prejudice or seek to punish or damage the reputation of the person born with a “silver spoon in their mouth”.

The much maligned 1% is not deserving of such disdain that is often thrown at them from the 99%ers.  The 99%ers who criticize the 1%ers, simply spend their time complaining, instead of studying success. Many 99%ers are so steeply baked in wrong opinion, bias, prejudice, laziness, sloth, venom, and excuses, that they are poisoning the air, so to say. That mis-spent energy takes the 99%ers along a path to nowhere. It’s not helpful to themselves nor to those around them. And Karma will keep them there until they latch on to thinking that is clear, honest thinking.

Rule: you achieve the wealth you deserve. You keep the wealth you earned through rightful ways.