A SWOT analysis is an essential part of assessing before acting. Karma is watching to be sure you are being honest with yourself. When you are not being honest with yourself, Karma stands ready to help straighten you out.

What’s a SWOT analysis. It’s a tool used in business and other strategical assessment planning. It stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats, so, SWOT.

Before one acts, one should do an honest, non-defeating, self-assessment and match skills, strengths and weaknesses to circumstances or opportunities. Take an objective look at yourself or your thoughts. Is it an exact fit?

We are expected to know our own circumstances, to fairly and objectively assess ourselves, and measure what we have to to offer compared to what is needed. It all starts with learning to analyse ourselves rather than merely lashing out to criticize circumstances or those competitors we face who are much better prepared. By applying your best judgements towards plans that you have a reasonable chance of achieving you can make progress. Granted, Karma will still be ready to jump in down the road to teach your more right thinking.

Don’t take on challenges you absolutely can’t win. Instead, perhaps, you can win if you take on a chunk and aim to conquer that smaller piece of the whole.

Rule: don’t spew vile and soil the environment around you. Instead, use truthfulness in accurately and precisely measuring self, circumstances, competitors, and environment.