Your good Karma muscles need to be exercised from time to time.

To make your Karma muscles stronger,  you nourish yourself with good Karma.

Think of it like selecting and consuming good, high-quality food. I like to use the analogy of a master chief preparing world-class vegetable soup. Great, fresh vegetables are chosen carefully. They are carefully prepared before being added to boiling water where they are left to simmer for hours. The soup is then enjoyably and appreciably consumed.

Applied to Karma, you’d take your time carefully selecting your friends and the people you spend time with. You’d pick the people who can best reinforce your positive Karma. What this means is, choosing to be with successful people, pleasant people, optimistic people, and those people who are often helpful towards others, instead of choosing criminals or people so full of ego and negativity as to derail your thinking and actions. Even if you have no immediate such people, you can find role models in biographies or even selectively tuning into TV or listening to upbeat personalities like Ryan Seacrest on the radio.

You are not looking for the perfect human being. There is no such person.  Nobody is perfect. You’ll never find the perfect Karmic human. No such thing. But every person has bright spots. You pick the people with bright spots and hold just those bright spot role models in your mind.

The opposite of this is what one radio broadcaster years ago termed, “Energy VAMPIRES”. People who are so negative, so critical, so consumed by conspiratorial and fatalistic thinking, that they drain you of energy and almost quite literally exhaust you.

Rule: choose the high path. Be good do and spread good. Spend your time with role models, friends you know who are good people, high-energy positive people. Avoid energy vampires and confused thinkers.