Do you have a bias or prejudice, or discriminate?

If so, it is built upon misconceptions, bad information, or other self-deceptions. You need to know that Karma is coming for you to teach you a lesson you need to learn while you are still alive. Whether you express your ignorance as a belief colored by discrimination;  or as if you had enough of a topic and are tired of hearing about the issue in question;  or as using your voice, body language, or other device to trump and walk over the words of other parties to shut them up;  you can bet that Karma has the hairs of its sniper scope firmly trained on you.  Figuratively speaking, what Karma will do to you is grab your attention so there is no escape, shake you hard and until it loosens your false thinking, unties your ignorance, your egotism, and your attachment to your “false gods[thoughts]”. Karma will work you over and until you understand that your stupidity and ignorance is a disruptive and unwelcome energy.

Karma wants to teach you that wrong knowledge resulted in your vile beliefs.

Rule : Karma abhors ignorance, prejudice, bias, ego, superiority, insults, all of which come from wrong thinking. In all matters, check your thoughts at the door.