Ask someone if they understand Karma and you’ll get a response akin to the following:

  • If you do bad deeds on earth, it’ll come back to you after you die.
  • If you did bad already, do lots of good to balance the books for the day you die.

Most of us wish for a free ride while we are alive. One of the ways we free ourselves of thinking about all the bad deeds we’ve done in our lives is to assume we can pass that off to Karma, something that awaits us after we die. But that’s not the only way that Karma works.  KARMA is in the here and now. Karma is everywhere and part of our experiences almost every day while we are alive. 

Understanding what Karma is and how it works is one of the secrets understood by successful people and especially of happy people. Karma is a Universal LAW of PAYBACK. And it almost always happens while we are still alive.  Law of Karma states: no injury can come from that which you do with non-injurious thought, actions and intentions.

Karma is the tool of the Universe to straighten and re-harmonize our bad thinking, and our bad actions.

Take special note that KARMA does not explain random acts of violence that cause a person to suddenly become a victim who suffers great physical or emotional harm. Karma does not account for sudden death, horrendous crashes that leave people crippled or cause ruin to families. That’s just not Karma.

Instead, KARMA is a subtle teacher lurking in the wings, like a tap on the head when we misbehave. Karma applies to people who make decisions, not to victims, to help them make better, more helpful decisions and choose more helpful actions. Karma springs into action when people need to be corrected and put back on a path to spread goodness to get them back into “harmony with the Universe”.

It is much more powerful than the Universal Law of Consequences, (also called the Law of Cause and Effect).

Whereas the Law of Consequences, (Cause and Effect),  is almost instantaneous and the outcome obvious to the observer, Karma is much more discrete, lurking in the wings, and is sometimes difficult to spot. Karma springs into action when someone does not realize and appreciate the negative consequences and the discomfort they are causing to others. Karma is always ready to teach someone about their own bad intentions or incorrect thinking, and deceptions.

Rule: be careful about what you do and how you think, Karma is Payback and “payback can be a bitch”.