[WARNING: do not try the following experiment. If you wish to implement a water-only fast, consult with your physician and do so only under medical supervision.]

PARTICIPANTS:  Socrato and Celestial Sailor


  • Weight will  NOT  be rounded to nearest number.  185.6 REMAINS 185.6.
  • To assure as much consistency as possible, Statistics will be recorded, at the same time and in the same manner each day.  For example, Socrato, has committed to recording observations beginning upon arising and until sleep each day.  Socrato will record body weight immediately following morning hygiene, allow approx 10 to 15 minutes vertical time such as dressing, walking about the house, gathering morning study materials, etc., followed by 5 minutes of sitting prior to recording  “RESTING BP and HR”.  Celestial Sailor is committed to recording stats each evening prior to bedtime.
  • Stats will be recorded here, below, as follows:
    • Name followed by stats in this order:
      • Weight………….
      • Blood Pressure………
      • RESTING  Heart Rate, (rest while sitting upright, relaxed, for about 5 min prior to taking measurements for both BP and HR.)
  • COMMENTARY, will follow the statistics on each day and will record only observations/opinions/experiences that MIGHT be noteworthy as per such a process and observed reactions of the body or mind. Other than the stats, notes contain plenty of anecdotal information.
  • Socrato will provide daily BP stats.  Celestial Sailor will not.  Bot will provide heart rate measurements.
  • CALIBRATION:  since a wrist cuff will be used to record BP and HR, we asked SOCRATO to calibrate his cuff measuring device. To do so, he used 3 occasions to compare the cuff measurements to pharmacy in-store BP testing machines, at 2 different chains, (different in-store machines). All measurements were within 2 points, either Systolic varied by 2 points or diastolic by as much as 2 points, with 2 of the 3 matching.  On 3 occasions cuff measurements were compared to doctor office visits within 2 hours of the calibration exercise. One reading was slightly lower than, and 2 were within 5 points higher on both the upper and lower BP score. We’ll take the liberty of attributing that to “white coat” syndrome. CONCLUSION REGARDING CALIBRATION: for this experiment the cuff is accurate enough. We are not trying to be precise on the BP scores. Rather we are looking for indication of movement in one direction or another, hopefully, downward.

RUN UP  and  THE  H2O-ONLY  Experiment



Start of fast: Body Mass Index, (BMI) = 28.2

End of fast : Body Mass Index, (BMI) = 26.5

  • Preparation day 1:  185.6…..120/67……….54  Note: winding down vegan diet by reducing proportion of meal(s). Ratcheting up the courage to go a few days on only H2O.  Mentally strengthening my resolve to adopt this experiment of fasting.  Two small meals yesterday, dinner larger of the two but about 1/2 normal proportion of my dinner meals. Moved my workout from AM to early evening. About 8 vegan crackers at 9 pm.  Slept like a baby.
  • Preparation day 2:  185……111/70………46. Note: First psychological addiction emerges. Awoke with an overwhelming compulsion for my typical morning cup of coffee. More powerful than ever. That’s why I think it was psychological. My body knows I plan to abandon coffee during the upcoming fast and already is beginning to push back.  Lunch today was a side dish of a garden salad. This afternoon ate a carrot the size of Texas.  Dinner was at 8 pm and consisted of 2 baked potatoes, (see: Dr. McDougall, “STARCH SOLUTION”),  with Shrimp Cocktail Dipping sauce. Beverages throughout the day was simply tap water. ENERGY was on the rise so went to bed later than normal, at approx. 12:15 am.


  1. 182.4…..110/65…..56   Note: This is going to be designated as day 1 of the Socrato H2O-only fast.  Awoke with a very powerful craving for a morning cup of coffee.  Simply told myself, “No. Grow up. You will do this as an adult. You are not a child.”  That strategy worked previously to break a habit of smoking. I plan to employ it throughout this fasting period.
  2. 179.8…..113/72….56    Note: At this writing, entering the 37th hour of this water-fast. In theory, the slight muscle-wasting/burning TRANSITION period occurs between 24 and 36 hours after which the body then dips into STORED FAT and no longer picks on the muscles to consume for the energy the body needs. Per medical experts, a fast does NOT burn muscle other than a tiny fraction during that transition, provided the measurements are of the muscle themselves and not blood by-products.  [See post on this website, “You Are Full of Potential”.] After my weightlifting workout at hour 43 of this fast, I noticed a difference in my stamina and hydration.  Though I have been drinking approx 40 or more ounces of water daily, on this water fast,I experienced dryness of my mouth after my second set. Normally I aim for 3 sets with reps between 10 and 15 depending on energy levels and weight amounts. Today I barely managed to go beyond about half of my normal second-set reps. Normally I would put in about 30 minutes to 45 minutes before needing a drink of water. Today, half way through my second sets, my mouth would be so dry I’d almost have trouble breathing so needed a mouthful of water very regularly. Overall I found today’s workout a killer though I barely managed completion of set 2 of my normal 3 sets. Also noticed that approximately HUNDREDS of time throughout the day spotted food and junk-food items of which I would normally have reached for a few of them out of proximity and out of convenience to grab a small helping, sometimes even 1 or 2 crackers, or a fruit in passing, or a teaspoon of peanut butter,  for example. I toughed through those temptations with “You’re not a kid anymore and have the willpower of an adult, so, act like one and stick to your commitment.”  In the evening watched one of my favorite programs titled, My Kitchen Rules in which ordinary couples aspiring to become chefs compete against one another cooking delicious-looking meals. It was interesting to note that I experienced no food temptations or cravings at the sight of all the delicious food.
  3. 177.2…..118/72….62   Note:  Headache began early last evening and was rather noticeable but did not cause any dysfunction. Had decided to tough through it with no medication for headaches. Awoke with much less intensity and a sense it will disappear in a couple more hours. While taking BP stats, noticed heart beat was occasionally slightly irregular on the first reading. Subsequent readings did not reflect this same irregularity.  I will keep vigilant for any possible irregularities developing and if so, will break this fast. By the way, may be worth mentioning how enjoyable it has become to brush my teeth. Dwelled on that, today, since it was the only taste of anything I’ve had in 3 days. Water is tasteless, as you know. I’m not experiencing any physical problems worthy of noting, other than my voice. My voice is gone up an octave or two. My vocal chords “feel” dry. I’ve really pushed hard during my workout yesterday and feel it today. What’s cool is that I had the experience of withdrawing from a bad habit, smoking, decades ago. At that time I broke the habit by forcing myself to sit through repeated exposures to circumstances, events,  and foods I associated stongly to enjoying a cirgarette. Coffee was one of those associations. I drank almost 3 pots of coffee to break the urge to smoke while having a cup of coffee. That experience is coming in handy now during this fast. As I see a food that might tempt, or smell an aroma, I call upon that experience. It is now mid-day and my headache has resolved itself without any aspirins or anything else.
  4. 175.4…..118/75……70.  Today was a breeze as well. Even had to be anti-social by refusing all beverages and food during a social event.  Made me feel like a snob. Yesterday noticed two welts on my right thigh which popped out of nowhere, the kind one gets from a mild food allergy. Today those completely disappeared and one appeared on my left thigh, kinda like “whack a mole” game. No idea what’s going on. Energy is very low compared to my normal me. Muscles taking longer than normal to recover from a heavy workout of a few days ago. Last night awoke 5 times with muscle cramps. Had a terrible sleep and it is what likely affected my energy today. This has been fun and I proved to myself that this is doable anytime I wish to jump back into it. I am planning to do a 2 day fast on a frequent basis, probably 1 time a month or maybe every second month, depending on my weight levels and my energy levels after doing so.  Am anxious to try the muscle growth concept associated following the fasting period. So, this is my last fasting day/night.  Tomorrow morning I will break my fast, (breakfast), after I do some more research on how to properly exit a fasting program.
  5. 174…..118/76……70.  Note: All hives resolved themselves and completely disappeared. No foot cramps last night during sleep. I have reached the 108 hour point of my fast. 108 has a significance to me only because it is predominant in Chinese historical philosophy.  For that reason I attribute some positive reason for it to be respected as a good time to consider breaking my water-only fast.


  1. 174……120/72…..56.   Since I’ve water-fasted for a couple hours short of 5 full fasting days/nights I suspect body enzymes in the stomach and intestines have adjusted to water only and will need to be encouraged SLOWLY to step up again to begin digesting food and beverages. This morning I began by returning to my typical morning cup of coffee: vanilla-flavored drip coffee, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, Almond milk as whitener. Wow!  Did that taste super-special! Almost immediately my energy returned to normal high-rev levels. Maaybe more because I knew I was going to enjoy one of life’s great pleasures: taste. For LUNCH: veggie soup in which I over-cooked Capellini Spezzati 58A noodles, (1-inch long, a pencil-lead width in diameter). Yummy good tasting. Dinner was a social event at which they had carrots, broccoli and cauliflower alongside all the meat trays.  I indulged in the veggies like a glutton and topped that off with 4 small pieces of carrot cake. I am mentioning this dinner experience because about 2 hours later my stomach swelled to about the size of a soccer ball as I struggled in pain to digest that food and the non-food desert.  Pain lasted right through until 4 am. My dog awoke me at 6 am so I was a bit grumpy all day afterwards.
  2. 174……125/76…..68.  My morning consumption was 1/2 cup of my typical coffee, (see note above), due to time constraints. Since I was running around all morning, I stopped for a small cup of coffee and a raisin tea biscuit. No ill effects. For lunch I returned to the very soft noodle soup dish mentioned above but this time added two handsfull of button mushrooms to the soup broth.  Delicious. No ill effects. I’m anxious for dinner since on my last day of the fast I was beginning to imagine that Nirvana was a dish of salad with a side of vegan mushroom Au Ju, (no flour),  poured over a steaming dish of mixed wild rice. My fingers are crossed that I won’t struggle with digestion after I indulge in that meal. Will report on the after effects of this meal in tomorrow’s post.
  3. 174……. THIS WILL BE THE LAST DAY OF REPORTING.  I am now on my typical VEGAN, NO OILS, NO SEEDS OR NUTS diet as per the Dr. Esselstyn and Dr. McDougall books mentioned elsewhere on my website. On these lifestyle eating programs my weight will continue to gradually decrease and my BP stats will remain at these levels or continue to improve as will my cholesterol, insulin and other blood markers.

This has been an INTERESTING EXPERIENCE to say the least. I now know what the Silicon Valley brainiacs are trying to do with the concept of BIOHACKING.  I am partially through an article on that subject and will post it as one of my NUGGETS.


Start of fast: Body Mass Index, (BMI) = 25.8

End of fast : Body Mass Index, (BMI) = TBD at conclusion of his fasting period. 

  • Preparation day 1: -END OF DAY STATS:  181…..64.   No prep prior. Pigged out all day yesterday.   so my start is 12:01 am Thursday.


  1. 175……55. Note: fast began at 12.01 am. .I did have some coffee this morning. .I am also still going to the gym.
  2. 172……60.  Note: two trips to the gym, one in morning and one in evening. Seems like the thought of food hit late in the evening. Was okay throughout the day. Twice a day in gym, Noticed no difference in strength or energy.
  3. 172……60 Note: Though impossible to say this is a plateau after only a couple days instead of a couple of weeks at this weight level, it will be interesting to see how long it takes for my weight to drop below the 172 mark. I do feel thinner, despite the lack of noticeable weight loss from yesterday.  Overall, physically, the only noticeable change is in comfort level: I don”t feel bloated as I did prior to entering the fasting diet. I sure hope that internal mechanisms of my body are doing something. And, of course, I am very curious about what those stem cell guys inside my body are busy doing. I sure hope they are rising to their potential while on this water fast. Prior to bed I ate 3 apples.
  4. 171…….NA  Note: Last night, I indulged in two slices of bread prior to bed time. Though the bread was organic flax seed, it didn’t sit too well with me. This morning I still have the feeling of having a lead weight in my stomach.