CELEBRATE THIS DAY!!!  It may go down as one of the greatest days in history.

Today, I awoke to the most wonderful news: USA and NORTH KOREA are working towards peace and harmony. Instead of NUKES and other bombs, North Korea appears willing to work with USA to launch peace and prosperity, and with that will come increasing freedoms for its people and stability and freedom from high-anxiety for countries surrounding North Korea.

In geo-politics, life doesn’t get better than this!!

What is so unfortunate is the extreme bias of the mainstream media and the hoodwinking going on by the media. Today’s USA media feeds the world its “news” and affects what the entire world reads about the USA. Much of it wrong, harmful, and purposefully intended to damage the reputation and undermine the efforts of the current POTUS, (President of the United States).

Rather than using their power to inform about the leader of the USA, the mainstream media has been making up non-news and distorting parts of real news to make the POTUS look bad. Even the great achievements are reported with a damaging, negative slant.

The lies hit the airwaves and front pages, as if real news. But when the lies are caught and retractions demanded, the retractions either don’t appear on the airwaves or are buried in tiny print deep in the bowels of the newspaper. No wonder people are getting BAD information and, thereby, remain largely uninformed about the great transition in history happening in their lifetime.

Hence, the mainstream has rightfully earned the moniker: FAKE NEWS.

I am deeply saddened by the horrible bias and outright negative propaganda occurring in the so-called news, ever since Trump announced his intention to run for president. The disservice is not only in the lies that are published, but also to the missing moments in history that are hidden by the biased reporting going on today. These are precious moments that friends, relatives, parents and grandparents could share with their families. These are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to participate in history as it is being made. And this opportunity is stolen from many viewers and readers of the mainstream press. This is so disconcerting to me that I had to write this Nugget.

As a service to my readers, if you wish to learn what you have missed in real news over the past 500 or so days in the USA under POTUS  TRUMP, here is a partial list of what has been accomplished so far…

  • Goldbugs, Precious Metal Investors, and every EXPERT who recommended to invest against the USA economy and against the USA dollar were: WRONG.  Since Trump’s election the USA economy reversed it’s rollover and provided RENEWED STRENGTH to the USA dollar. Under POTUS, Trump, there was tons of money to be made, not in precious metals, per se, but in the stock market as a whole. Mainstream media’s report: crickets.
  • The USA economy is booming. Unemployment, especially Black and minority unemployment, is at record lows. Obama ignored the black community and the Mexican community, and continued with the Clinton-Bush destruction of the economy and the loss of jobs for everyone, including blacks, Mexicans, and other minorities. Mainstream media’s report: almost no coverage and certainly no positive spins to this great news.
  • Families with breadwinners have enjoyed more take-home pay because of TAX CUTS, something no other politicians would ever want, or try, to do. Mainstream media’s report: meaningless, and Democrats interviewed who call $1,000 nothing but a crumb.
  • Retirement savings accounts now booming having REVERSED their downward trajectory. Instead of crumbling registered retirement accounts, stocks in registered accounts have been soaring. This is GREAT NEWS for those who are approaching retirement or who may want to retire earlier than would be possible under Obama, Bushes, Clinton, past presidents. People’s retirement account in ALL COUNTRIES are benefiting in a manner similar to Americans, despite the incompetence of  leaders in their own countries. Mainstream media’s report: crickets.
  • USA GDP at record highs, the output of America.  Imagine that…the Obama administration swore that it was IMPOSSIBLE because Obama didn’t have a “magic wand” to boost GDP from his embarrassing sub-par performance for 8 years. The current POTUS pushed GDP above 4% at this writing and it is still climbing, and did that with no “magic wand”. Mainstream media’s report: crickets. 
  • Consumers are feeling much better and more confident of their futures.  With hopes for brighter futures and more confidence comes more borrowing and spending to help make the economy all the more stronger. Contrast that with Obama’s plans to turn USA into a 3rd world country or Bill Clinton’s plans to give away all of USA’s intellectual property and manufacturing expertise which began the chain of events that rendered USA economically impotent, unproductive and destroyed the hopes and confidence of the USA citizenry.  Mainstream media’s report: they underplayed the importance as if it was a trivial matter.
  • Obama promised that ISIS was so strong and was such a tough problem to deal with that they’d be a major headache and be around  around to trouble the entire globe for decades. When Trump stepped up, he crushed ISIS in a matter of a few months. Mainstream media’s report: crickets.
  • TRUMP  is the ONLY LEADER in the world, who has backed out of the Climate Change accord and for good reason. It has all been fake science to justify imposing a Carbon Tax on manufacturers to cut  emissions on the fake premise that humans were affecting the global climate. REALITY: pseudo-scientists used a mere 120 years of data, as a sample of 4.5 BILLION years of weather. Pure nonsense!!  REALITY:  one volcanic eruption for one hour spews more emissions into the atmosphere than does  can all the manufacturing plants, all the automobiles, and all the people, cows and chickens passing gas, combined, in years. REALITY: super volcanoes are uncontrollable and are rapidly warming and melting the ice in the Antarctic, in Alaska, and are even getting ready to pop a cork at Yellowstone National Park. Plus, there a HUNDREDS of fissures, and active volcanoes beneath the ocean, some of which are also super volcanoes. The hypothesis that people are causing climate change is ridiculous. Mainstream media’s report: all  reports slanted to the negative.
  • He slashed RED TAPE and regulations. Unproductive regulations raise costs to manufacturers, who pass that to consumers, and complicated the lives of citizens.  Mainstream media’s report: crickets.
  • An ongoing program of destroying pedophilia and sex trafficking rings, some of which involve Hollywood celebrities, agents in the FBI, politicians, and even people in the previous Obama administration’s White House. Mainstream media’s report: crickets.
  • Firing inefficient workers in the White House and Federal Government. I don’t have the CURRENT number, but the last number I recall from some time ago was: 25,000 poor-performing, highly-paid, government workers were fired. Mainstream media’s report: crickets.
  • At this writing, the POTUS has a team of police to root out corruption and criminals in high positions of power…and there are a lot of them, including within the CIA, FBI, Congress, and DOJ.  Mainstream media’s report: crickets.   …Some of the corruption even reaches into the highest offices of some of your mainstream media. Mainstream media’s report: still was crickets.
  • Let’s not forget to mention the way POTUS is cleaning up the streets from MS-13 “animals” who, for their fun, rape children, dismember people, etc. Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc., each had plenty of time to take down MS-13 and other gangs, but did nothing.  POTUS is…and it will make YOUR STREETS SAFER! Mainstream media’s report: crickets.