It’s a sad fact that almost 70% of Americans are fat and, of that, almost 40% are so fat as to be labeled, what doctors call, OBESE.

Whether you are just fat or, worse, are obese, there is one simple trick that you can use to at least prevent gaining weight, even to lose weight. Make a simple change to your thinking from inviting friends for a meat-based main meal, such as having a BBQ steak,  as your primary reason, to, instead,  sharing of good times as your main reason. That way, when you arrive at the restaurant you won’t be locked into ordering a BBQ steak.

As adults, no one is towering over us telling us how much animal protein we can scarf down. So we tend to over-indulge in meat-based meals. When with friends and having a good time, our brain’s pleasure zones are working overtime. We’ll eat more, and spend more time eating. And if we are eating meats, fish, dairy, poultry, all sources of highly concentrated calories and fats, then, under those circumstances it is almost a sure thing that you will gain body weight from overindulging.

But there is a way to lose weight while dining with friends. CHANGE YOUR OWN MENTAL ATTITUDE.

Make your social meals with friends or relatives the ONE TIME when you abandon all animal proteins, or almost all. During those happy times, shift the source of happiness from animal proteins to just about anything else. Eat or order anything that has no oils, meats, poultry, (chicken), fish, dairy, (milk, butter, or cheese).  That means eating only whole plant foods like salads, potatoes, rice. Granted, that is really tough for the uninitiated to do, especially when it is so much easier to order the good-tasting items from a restaurant menu. If you are not disciplined enough to abandon all animal sources of protein, then at least avoid anything with any meat, poultry, fish or cheese.  Allow yourself small amounts of eggs, oils, even a bit of butter. That would still leave pasta, rice dishes, salads, veggies, potatoes, and a large variety of sauces to pour over any of these. But try to go easy on the butter and oils. [Remember, there is no such thing as a heart-healthy oil. All oils damage arteries.]

Losing weight can be as easy as changing your paradigm of thinking when socializing with friends and relatives.

  • Have a laugh instead of a hamburger.
  • Have a laugh instead of a pizza.
  • Have a laugh instead of chicken wings.
  • Have a laugh instead of lobster.
  • Have a laugh instead of a large glass of milk.
  • Have a laugh instead of a steak.
  • Have a laugh while eating heart-, and brain-healthy foods.

Have a laugh. THAT’S what friends and relatives are for.