Recent research points to something other than the cholesterol in eggs as a culprit for damage to one’s arteries and heart.

According to the Dr. Mirkin Newsletter, See End Note 1 Dr. Mirkin mentions that the body is LIKELY able to handle the approximately 200 mg of cholesterol in a typical egg. And, Mirkin mentions that it might be okay to eat up to 4 eggs a week. But with each egg you ingest, you have a nice helping of a molecule called LECITHIN.

His newsletter states that red meat, milk and EGGS are sources of LECITHIN. Your body converts lecithin into another molecule, CHOLINE. And, choline is what creates the problem.

A portion of CHOLINE gets converted in one’s intestines into a very dangerous molecule named, TMAO (trimethylamine oxide). The newsletter puts it rather succinctly, “TMAO punches holes in arteries. These holes can bleed, clot and then start to form plaques which can eventually cause strokes and heart attacks…lecithin in eggs is converted to TMAO very quickly”.

You may wish to also read the other interesting Nugget on this website, titled, “Enjoy Eating Meat? Order A TMAO To GO.” See End Note 2

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  2. “Enjoy Eating Meat? Order A TMAO To GO.”