Someone who IS healthy wears their health on their face. Their face is SKIN-PERFECT. A person whose facial skin is flawless, perfect, is said to be “glowing”.

Does your face naturally glow?

Every doctor, every adult, knows that our bodies dismantle the food we eat and from that digested food our bodies take all the nutrients, if any, required to rebuild each of the trillions of body cells, especially the skin of our faces. If we put superior food into our stomachs, our faces broadcast happy cells. Think of our face as the window to our stomachs; as our stomachs the electricity that illuminates our faces to make them glow.

“I’m a walking face pimple, yet all I eat is the typical American diet.”

So, what do people with naturally glowing faces eat?

Since there are too few people in America with naturally glowing faces to survey, we’ll have to come at this from the opposite side. We’ll have to survey some of the millions upon millions of people WITHOUT glowing faces. That’ll be easy since almost every American is among those who have a face that does NOT naturally glow. Let’s ask one of them.

[Enter the typical American who admits to eating the average American diet: lots of meat, poultry, especially deep-fried chicken, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, cheese, ice cream, hamburgers, French fries, pizza, large glasses of milk, milkshakes, soda, large cups of coffee with special creamers, sugar in everything, artificial sweeteners when feeling guilty or if diabetic, and at night eating cookies, chips, candies and candy bars, and leftovers, too.]

[Enter Homer Simpson…]

Typical American: “Hey, Homer. How do special people develop that glow in their face? I know it can’t be the food I eat. After all, I eat the typical, average, American diet that is supposed to be good for us. So, do you have any idea how I can develop that natural glow in my face?  You know. So I can be a sex magnet or just to impress everyone I meet?”

Homer-like cartoon smallerHomer: “D’oh!” …Taps his finger on his chin while looking to the ceiling for answers… “Hmmmmm…you eat the American diet. That’s supposed to be good for you. Doctors don’t even ask about it. All the associations and foundations financed by big pharmaceuticals print irrefutable information that the body is affected by just about everything else not by the food people eat. Glow. Glow? How to get that natural glow? Hmmm”

Typical American: “Also, I feel like crap most of the time and am swallowing all kinds of meds and antacids. But, never mind that. It’s that glow I want to capture. How do I do that? Right now I am always battling pimples, acne, blackheads, and greasy skin. It’s like I’m a walking face pimple, yet I eat the typical American diet.”

Homer-like cartoon smallerHomer: “D’oh!…What if you change what you put in your stomach?! You know. Like, AVOIDING the American diet altogether and eating food that is really healthy for you?!!”  …Homer thinks for a moment, then adds, “And watch out for those doughnuts!!”