There is a wonderful website that collects anonymous employee opinions about working and hiring/interviewing processes at thousands of corporations. This might come in handy these days if you want to know more about your own job security or if you are searching for a job.

As company after company reports their earnings and demonstrate they are struggling with their tops lines, their revenue (sales) lines, there is a great tendency to want to trim costs, especially staff and employee costs. Meaning, brace yourself for more layoffs in the days and quarters ahead. Company after company has already cut back their capital expenditures, inventories, and accelerated their accounts receivables, and still struggling to match previous quarters’ bottom line results. When that happens they tighten up on costs by chopping employee payrolls.

Sometimes, employees can sense impending doom ahead of the mid-level management scramble to cover their ass. Either they feel the pressure to perform ratchets upwards at unhealthy rates or they detect internal confusion ahead of layoff announcements. Possibly even rumors that some upper management sows to help prepare and condition employees for the impending doom in weeks or months ahead. You may find these hunches and feelings reflected in such surveys as employee opinion surveys. Until now, employees have largely been kept in the dark on what other employees “think” about their company. No longer.  Now you can have insights into your company and a very large number of other companies. GLASSDOOR is here for YOU.

If you want to gain some possible insight into employee attitudes at your company or at other companies, there is a website that might serve your needs well.

GLASSDOOR offers THE RESULTS OF anonymous surveys and posts the results online. Hundreds and even THOUSANDS of employees at thousands of companies have taken the time to present their opinions…

GLASSDOOR, appropriately titled,  allows you to look into any company listed. GLASSDOOR covers employee opinions about jobs, SALARIES, and the interview and hiring processes itself.  For some companies, THOUSANDS of employee opinions are summarized. The simple fact is: the larger the sample size, that is, the more people who provide their opinions, then quite often the more reliable the data. As the number of surveys completed approaches hundreds and thousands, they become harder and harder to ignore.

Conveniently, GLASSDOOR summarizes massive amounts of data into a 5-star rating. It’s like peeking behind closed doors!!  Take a peek.  Maybe even participate in their survey to add more “meat” to the data you find there.  You may gain some very valuable insights… [ CLICK HERE: ]