The purpose of today’s nugget is to prompt those of you who are unemployed to step it up a bit. Nothing could be worse than suffering the slings and arrows of unemployment and then working yourself into a frenzy because you feel you are in a rut and caught in an unemployment trap. How do you get out of such a rut/trap? Try a start up. I’ve mentioned this in previous nuggets and provided how-to information so do a search if you are new to this website.

The reason I am harping on this notion of trying a low-cost start up to pull yourself out of the doldrums is because almost every day  I am witnessing people pay their way with gumption, courage and a sense of drive that pushes them to get into their own small business and they are making a living from that, and in some instances are prospering. Today was another instance where I discovered a start up that is doing well.

This start up touched our lives today when a parcel arrived from the small business located in the UKRAINE. I immediately thought that I had to tell you about this. In the back of my mind I’m thinking, “If a person can conduct business in a war-torn country and sell and ship their crafts to us in North America, what are North America’s unemployed doing?” So, if you are unemployed, read my other nuggets about getting going on your own start up. If you know of someone who is unemployed…send them a link to this nugget.

Now, check out the photo above and the photo at the end of this article. Why can’t that be one of YOUR start-up’s products?!

I’m amazed, captivated, and enthused because of what just happened. A few minutes ago our household received a parcel in the mail from, of all places, the Ukraine!!  That’s right. War-torn Ukraine. Our parcel experience got even better as we opened it. Inside was an outstanding, hand-knitted shoulder wrap which my wife and I plan to give as a CHRISTMAS present to someone dear to us. When we unfolded the knitted item we discovered a Christmas card with the following best wishes…in ENGLISH, too:  “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!…Olia.”   Well, to Oilia, we wish to say, thank you.

Olia is the proprietor of a small business, SENSE AND EMOTIONS, in war-torn Ukraine. She is selling her handiwork, her knitting, through a portal named ETSY.COM. When my wife discovered ETSY.COM, since neither of us had ever heard of them,  I was apprehensive about ordering  through them. Well, I couldn’t have been further off the mark. Turns out that both our purchase experience and especially our post-purchase experiences have been everything fantastic and even better than that! As bonus, the fact that ETSY offers such creative, clever, innovative items makes it all that much easier for our online Christmas shopping when we are trying to find memorable, useful, innovative and unique great gifts for family at Christmas time. ETSY is helping small business proprietors like Olia, while serving a great need for people searching for unique Christmas gifts, and gifts for other occasions, too.

In the photo above, you can see some of the gifts we have been purchasing from SMALL BUSINESSES because they are unique in some way. We have done so from a variety of online websites, not only from ETSY.COM. But we do have to mention that our purchase experience has been as great from ETSY.COM as it is from AMAZON. A few clicks on the keyboard and days later parcels arrive from just about anywhere in the world. Thailand was the source for an inexpensive electronics AM radio kit that I built as a Christmas gift for some kids. USA, of course was a popular source for some unique gloves and exercise equipment. But China supplied a few products, too, from exercise equipment to unique clothing. Some parcels arrived at our door; others arrived at the nearest postal outlet. And we are not talking months after we order…we are talking days. Somehow, my AM radio parts kit arrived in 5 days from Thailand. An order from China in 4 days and postal costs were “peanuts”.

The point of this nugget, to remind you, is that even if you are unemployed, if you have a skill, craft, think about getting into a low-cost start-up and make a few dollars. These days a website will cost less than $150 USD a year, some are currently being advertised for $1 a month. If you plan to compete more actively on the web contact a number of portals and see if you can sell your wares through their sites. You may have to provide a royalty or small commission, of course, but it may be an opportunity or way to gain broader exposure to your goods.

Our thanks to ETSY.COM and especially OLIA  of  SENSE AND EMOTIONS in the Ukraine. [Photo below is of a knitted shoulder wrap and the enclosed card so thoughtfully signed by Olia of SENSE AND EMOTIONS, in the UKRAINE.]

Knitted Shawl-Shoulder Wrap