There are many theories out there for athletes and enthusiasts. Some can be harmful; some, both helpful and healthful.

One theory is to chow down immediately after exercise. Correct!

Research is proving that it is very helpful to the muscle re-building and energy re-vitalizing process to INTELLIGENTLY re-fuel by eating IMMEDIATELY after exercise, especially if it is immediately after strenuous exercise. But there is a right and wrong way to refuel after exercising.

First let’s talk a wee bit about exercise, itself.

Science proves that there is a great benefit to exercising, whether walking or exercising intensively. But, you need to be smart about how much and how intense and how soon you exercise. My motto: only your doctor knows for sure. Do strenuous exercise too soon, that is, without the proper longer-term (6-months or so), conditioning, or if you have health problems, especially those dangerous, undiagnosed, (hidden), problems, then intensive exercise can trigger a heart attack or cause a stroke. So, GET YOUR DOCTOR’S PERMISSION BEFORE EXERCISING or intensifying your exercise.

[WARNING: do not leap into intensive exercise!!!  Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise, especially escalating into intensive exercise. ]


I encourage you to read the entire article to which I’ve provided a link in the END NOTE section of this Nugget. But here’s a quick summary of the FACTS;

  • During, and for 1 hour after, exercise, your muscles are drawing both  GLUCOSE, (sugar), and protein from your bloodstream. NOTE the 1-hour post-exercise window.
  • To speed muscle recovery, the best time to eat something healthful is in that post-exercise, 1-hour window.
  • What to eat?  Almost anything having carbohydrates along with some protein, possibly a fruit or two, and some seeds or nuts will certainly meet the criteria.

Exercise wisely. Eat smartly.


“Eating During Intense Workouts makes You a Better Athlete” by Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D.  Dr. Mirkin’s Fitness and Health Newsletter,  May 15, 2017.    Dr. Mirkin is both an athlete and medical internist. In the past he competed in various athletic events. Throughout his career he has been applying his medical knowledge to provide useful tips for athletes and others who seek a more healthful lifestyle.