When women are paid less than men, it’s not the fault of the “system”. It’s the fault of the leaders.

Since managers know what they pay their direct reports, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this. Those managers who permit “unequal” pay between sexes are doing so with the intent to defraud the employees who are being deprived of equal pay. This is as serious a “crime” as any other and not much different than managers STEALING from their direct reports.

An ethical, trustworthy, and competent leader will know and have taken action to correct any misalignment between pay and work regardless of the sex or race of the worker. Managers and leaders who have not long ago corrected this defect of  pay discrimination between sexes ought to be punished in a definitive and demonstrative manner. FIRE THEM SUMMARILY to make it clear to the entire organization that a breach of ethics of any sort, including pay inequality, will not be tolerated.

Recently, it was featured in the news that an academic institution conducted a survey to “discover” that females within their institution were paid about $3,000 less than their male counterparts. A discovery?

How can this be a “discovery” when it must have been known to  each manager for at least their own direct reports? Managers and the Human Resource department keep their fingers tightly on the compensation purse strings. So, they already know and have been condoning that inequality. Thus, inequality in pay has been condoned by every level of management all the way into C-level suites, (C = CFO, CIO, CEO).

If unequal pay exists, then it is not a  “secret” within management ranks.

Unequal pay because of gender ought to be viewed in a similar manner to stealing. Except in this situation it would be the managers stealing rightly deserved pay by withholding it. Ask ANY manager, “What happens when an employee is caught stealing from his or her employer?”  The answer is immediate: “SUMMARY DISMISSAL.”

When managers are caught discriminating between sexes, corporate/institutional leadership ought to be SUMMARILY FIRED.

It suggests that “unequal pay” is merely a signal of bad leadership, bad management, and a corporation or institution that lacks integrity.

Adjust the pay of the female workers, then summarily fire each managers who permitted that pay inequality to ever exist. Purge the leadership team of bad managers.