Extreme dieting and extreme exercise is difficult to sustain for the rest of your life. But it makes for great TV.

[Before changing your lifestyle, exercise, food program, or medications, consult your qualified and trusted doctor. Only your doctor can diagnose diseases and recommend therapies and medications.] 

There’s a TV show called “The Biggest Loser” that recently is making headlines because of a study of its successful weight “losers” who gained back the weight they lost after they left the TV show, after they enjoyed their “15 minutes” of success in the spotlight.

Research reveals that after most weight-loss programs people gain back the weight they lost AND they damage their metabolic speed, (fat-burning rate). The fact has always been: starve the body of required calories, or proper nutrition, and the metabolic rate will slow as a natural response. A fact known for a very long time.

Also, known for a very long time: ONLY ONE PARTICULAR DIET works for “normal people” to help them over an entire lifetime to improve and optimize health, from controlling anxiety and reversing heart and artery disease, to controlling weight.  There really is no mystery. The answers are well-documented and scientifically reviewed

I want to help you to know about these studies. If you knew, then you’d:

  • eat differently
  • be skinnier
  • be healthier
  • live a lot longer
  • have far less chronic disease
  • be happier
  • glow from the inside out
  • have much less body odor.

But you can’t achieve any of that if you are not told the real story about optimum health and especially how to lose unwanted pounds and how to keep it off. This Nugget is intended to help you to learn the crux of massive amounts of information by presenting just a few guidelines.

Here’s the foremost, the most-effective, the best, the ONLY, long-term weight management and health-optimizing guideline that is practical for most people:

  • Manage and control food as an addiction. [For more tips about addiction, search this website: “addiction”]
  • Learn the secrets of controlling LEPTIN–no need to wait for some magic pill.
  • Avoid over-confidence from short-term weight loss results. Anything succeeds for about “15 minutes”.
  • Avoid fat from animal and dairy sources and avoid any oils.
  • Get reasonable amounts of exercise at least 3 times a week, for the rest of your life. A brisk, 45-minute walk ought to suffice. Extreme exercise is typically not sustainable.
  • Avoid sugar/fructose/juice. And avoid artificial chemical sweeteners.
  • Read the labels for additives which disguise added sugar, salt, and fats, each of which will prove harmful to lifelong weight management.
  • READ the TWO BOOKS recommended below in End Note 6. 
  • These guidelines work. Believe in this guideline and the information in the two books recommended.

Let me expand on those points:

  1. FOODS THAT MAKE PEOPLE FATTER ARE THE MOST DELICIOUS and becomes as addicting as any other addictive drug. The food industry is GUILTY of  being, in my words, a “foodie drug” dealer. See End note 1  To lose weight you must follow a program similar to what addicts must follow.  Dr. Barnard explains this and gives some powerful suggestions to help you.See End note 2.   [Find more tips on this website. Search “addiction”.]
  2. Researchers are now looking at that substance in our stomachs called LEPTIN as a culprit. This hormone is NOT SOMETHING NEW. To control Leptin you must change the  TYPE OF FOOD you eat. “A PERMANENT CHANGE in the type of foods and in physical activity…fosters continued adherence.” See End note 3 
  3. Avoid over-confidence. Anyone can lose weight for a short period of time. Almost all fad diets do that. For a lifetime of weight management, you must change the type of food you eat. There is no getting around this one important fact.  [By the way, did you know that high-protein diets is reported to be a significant contributor to osteoporosis? Dr. McDougall warns us, “Protein overload also harms the bones…escalating our risk for osteoporosis and kidney stones.” See End note 4  ]
  4. To simplify the concept of lifetime weight control, simply remember this adage by a great doctor who is successfully reversing nutritionally-deficient caused chronic diseases and obesity,  Dr. McDougall  warns, “The fat you eat is the fat you wear.”
  5. Beware of high-fructose and high-sugar drinks, even if you are exercising to extremes. Instead, change the types of drinks. Consider the benefits of drinking clean water or tea instead of sugar-sweetened, or artificially-sweetened drinks. And avoid alcohol.
  6. Dr Neal Barnard explains the phenomenon of our body’s cells quite clearly.See End note 5  Eat fat and the bloodstream becomes saturated with fat which makes it difficult for your body to manage the insulin cycles the body needs. That, in turn, often results in  “Type-2 diabetes”. Once again, it’s about, “The fat you eat…”
  7. Success ONLY is achievable by changing the type of food you eat for the rest of your life.  This is proven over and over again.  It is absolutely crucial to change the TYPE of food you eat.
  8. Some of the strongest cravings of appetite come from causing your blood levels of glucose to spike and then collapse. Eat food very high in fiber and very low on the GI scale, where “GI” refers to “Glycemic Index”. GI is all about the degree and speed of a rise to blood glucose (sugar). The higher the GI food, the more likely the fatter the person. You don’t want blood sugar, (glucose) to rise rapidly.
  9. You have to read the labels and learn of the tricks the food companies have for obfuscating, (hiding under your nose), sugar, fats, and chemicals.
  10. If you really “want to get it”, then read the two books mentioned in my End Note #6.

Eliminate your “SEDUCTION FOODS” because they are physically and mentally addictive. You must change the TYPE OF FOOD you eat.


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