But you won’t find “Facts and only the facts” in many of today’s news reports or on so-called news channels. Many news channels are so influenced by big money backers such as advertisers or by the government itself that uses the mass media as its propaganda arm. [One tell tale sign of propaganda is consistency among news reporters/channels at vilifying leaders of other countries who are not cooperating with American requests.]

When advertisers threaten to pull their bucket of advertising dollars, or when the government demands compliance to the message the government wants to propagate, the news channels do everything they can to assuage hurt feelings and large comply. I’m not accusing news reporters of being unethical…just that they are either ignorant of the facts due to terrible investigative reporting or they have been influenced from on high rather than being persistent at reporting “real” news.

Every once in a while one is faced with the obvious and has to question how such reporting discrepancies can possibly exist. CNN, for example has spent the past 2 days, (as I  write this), entertaining almost non-stop about a downed Russian airliner but the news reporters were propagating a groundless opinion, a guess, and making it sound like news despite the protestations of the people who are truly in the know, the Russians and Egyptians who have access to the black boxes from the downed aircraft. If one failed to listen very closely to words like “possible” then one would think the reporters were reporting news, but they were not.  What a waste of time, bandwidth, and reporter talents.

Then there is the struggle to “dethrone” Donald Trump. It’s obvious by now that THE PEOPLE want someone like Donald Trump who is able to challenge status quo among the elites and even possibly able to say “No” to the cronies of politicians who become high-paid lobbyists. Some news reporters are going at him and trying to rip him apart like mad dogs let loose on a cut of prime rib beef. It is obvious that there is some sort of hidden challenge among some reporters who have been trying to unnerve and embarrass Trump. It’s laughable that reporters are even trying and persisting with that absurdity. Trumps proves to be too resilient and resourceful.

Has Zerohedge, today, exposed another crude attempt to dethrone Donald Trump?  One old propaganda technique is to do a survey, a study of the people to “prove” opinions one way or the other. A problem surfaces when a website like Zerohedge does some good reporting of its own and brings together a number of studies and proves that certain studies are like an odd man out. When we read such stunning discrepancies we must ask ourselves the question,  “Why is one study so far out of whack?”  I can’t help wonder about the statistical validity of the study that is out of whack.

Read the short article over at Zerohedge. It’ll be worth your time. I promise. You may even laugh.  [CLICK HERE: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-05/spot-odd-poll-out]