If you are one of the very few people who think EARTHLINGS are the only species in the entire multi-verse, (many universes), then you are among the very few who has not spent time looking up into a clear night sky. Or, you have no imagination.

Following PROJECT BLUEBOOK, [1952-1970], led by researcher, Dr. J Allen Hynek, on behalf of the military, information has slowly been leaked to the public concerning existence of vehicles which can not be identified. The general description usually consists of spheres, saucers, v-shaped craft, etc., captured under the moniker of UFOs.

Many years ago, when this phenomenon was first being cited by clusters of observers everywhere on earth, Brookings Institute cautioned the government(s) to keep this notion of visitors from other planets as beyond top secret. So secretive that rumour has it even the presidents of the USA do not have enough security clearance to learn more about the documentation possessed by the military, or by NASA, whichever is the keeper of those secrets.

A story recently emerged that President Nixon somehow got a copy of some of those files, made a second copy, and smuggled that copy past secret service agents to give that second copy to the great, powerful, Henry Kissinger. A few years ago, ex-President Barrack Obama was mentioned and made to sound mysteriously aware of the possibilities of extra-terrestrials out there, somewhere, when Richard C. Hoagland, in one of his presentations, suggested that Obama ordered a satellite to two remote asteroids, Vesta, and Ceres, many million miles away, as a strategy to crack open the secretive files on extra-terrestrials.

While all this speculation makes for interesting conspiracy theories and great science-fiction novels and movies, reality is never quite the same as the world of make-believe or conspiracies. Yet, if we look around with wide eyes we do get glimpses of something happening, a “quickening”, of sorts when it comes to UFO information.

After the government spent decades calling UFO reports ridiculous, over the past few years mainstream media, the propaganda arm of the deep state, has been allowed to let a few whispers of UFO phenomena reach the airwaves. Sightings have aired in mainstream of incidents in China, Russia, Pheonix, Mexico, etc. And, over the past couple years there has been a slowly increasing number of such mainstream reports. Along with those reports, we have enjoyed a veritable barrage of movies of aliens from other planets, extra-terrestrials, Star Trek and Star Wars movies as well as fantasy involving “Guardians” who defend the galaxy.

If mainstream media, and movie theaters, are presenting information about extra-terrestrials, you can bet it is for reasons that the deep state do not yet want to fully reveal. But the deep state may be losing control over the flow of, or even the revelation of, information about ETs and UFOs.

It is the theory of some pundits that because PRIVATE SPACE EXPLORERS are ramping up, and because nations that want to take a piece out of the USA are rapidly building superior space exploration programs to that of the USA, some day soon, the “real facts”, if any do exist, about extra-terrestrials will be released. According to those pundits, those private companies and those nations competing with America, will capture high-resolution photos of artifacts left by million-year-old civilizations on the moon and on other planets. Those photos will be released to the public either to satisfy the public’s curiosity or as a strategy to embarrass the USA and British keepers of ET and UFO secrets.

A number of lecturers are already claiming to be able to identify million-year-old artifacts on the moon and on mars, photos that NASA argue do not reveal such structures. Some researchers within the UFO field claim to have interviewed military whistleblowers who have shared top-secret information about extra-terrestrials and that America’s Area-51’s top secrets involve what we call UFOs. Other researchers claim they have authentic whistle-blowers from the military, who, as part of their military assignments, have visited people-made, (extra-terrestrial-made), structures in Antarctica dating back millions of years. This kind of information might be part of the “quickening”.

A more essential and concrete component of the “quickening” is the willingness of major countries to spend tons of cash to discover whatever it is that awaits them on the moon and on the other planets. China, India, Russia, and even Israel are now all racing to the moon. For what purpose? Military? Or, maybe to acquire more knowledge from whatever decaying structures the USA missions, and recent China orbital missions have spotted on the surface of the moon that needs to be studied more closely?

China and Russia have already publicly announced their plans to build a moon base by 2030, populated with long-term, maybe even permanent residents. President Donald Trump recently announced his new military arm, the Space Force. Was that merely for military purposes? Or, is there more to the story? [President Trump has not read me into his top-secret plans, so, I have no way of knowing.]

Even private space exploration companies will become a threat to the secretive information, if there is such information. Once Space-X and Virgin begin flying tourist trips around the moon, extremely rich people, who can afford a seat on the bus, will get close enough to be able to see any structures from orbit, if they exist. And, maybe, someday landing for tours through million-year-old ruins on the moon.

At this writing, it is believed that Britain and the USA have the most data on the topic of existence, or not, of extra-terrestrials. Yet, we can expect other nations to also have some similar information. It would be embarrassing to Britain and USA to continue to deny existence of ETs while other nations release information. It is my gut feel that Russia is getting pretty pissed of with the USA, as is China, so one of both of those countries just might do that. Brookings Institute warned that the consequences of releasing such information, if it exists, would be horrific. People would panic. Yet, if you talk to most normal people, it is a non-issue.

Some pundits believe this year, 2019, will be the year gov’ts will admit that they have proof of existence of intelligent life elsewhere, from off planet. We will respond with a collective yawn, and a mere, “I told you so”. If this is an accurate forecast by those who seems to be in the know, you and I ought to see a plethora of UFO shows, movies, and mainstream news reports: … a “quickening”.

Watch for it.