If you want to pick up a GREAT, free app, for your walks or runs, I heartily endorse MapMyRun available through the iPHONE app store for your handheld.

As I’ve said repeatedly throughout my posts, I do not get kickbacks, royalties, donations, and do no advertising. My Nuggets are strictly for sharing of information I consider useful and strategic to helping you achieve your goals. And this Nugget is no exception. If you want to improve your fitness goals and you do not have one of those wrist bands that monitor your physiology, this free app is a mind bender for exercise enthusiasts.

Download the MapMyRun app to your handheld, and be amazed. Here’s what I love about it:

This may sound hokey to you, but I love the tiny map that is created following you during your walk or run. There are other features that blow my mind as well. It tallies your distance, averaage pace over your entire distance, tallies the time it takes to complete your circuit, and lets you know how many calories your burned during your exercise. Best of all, it shows you by each kilometer your average time so you can reflect back on your intensity and energy expended, or if you are like me, how hard you were struggling!

This app has had exercise-changing impact on my life.

When I feel too lazy to get out there and put in my miles, (kilometers), if the MapMyRun app comes to mind, I’m awash with guilt. There are numbers on my MapMyRun app that I have to improve. I know that by sitting at my desk or on the couch, those numbers will not improve themselves. Then, up and out I go. Once in motion, walking or running, that app becomes my fiercest opponent and the battle for supremacy is on!

Yesterday, I increased my distance and thought…thought…that I had increased my pace. When I completed my run and checked my MapMyRun app, I was stunned to learn the app won. Though I increased my distance, my overall pace slipped below my target. I’m not one to treat lightly such a loss. This morning I’m psyching myself up to do battle against my app. This time I am determined to teach it a lesson!

Anxious to see if I can pull it off.