Do you have the authority to make change? Do you have the full support of the board and all your executive stakeholders?

When that day arrives when you stand before your entire employee population to announce your agenda and changes, you’d better have the full support of every influencer. Sometimes too little effort is invested into those influencers. And that often occurs because leaders assume their direct reports owe allegiance based on rank and title of position. Since you’ll need the full cooperation of each of your executive team to cascade the changes throughout the company, be sure every executive stakeholder is fully aligned and committed to your cause. No exceptions. no weak commitments. Fully, 100% commitment from every influencer.

These people will be controlling the commitment of each of their direct reports to your desire for change, and will have to deal with any transition and its disruptions when the process, strategy, or programs are implemented. They will be the ones to reward and discipline. They will be the ones motivating and controlling the pace of commitment. They will be the ones controlling the careers of each of their direct reports. They will be the ones to ensure your objectives are fully met. Be sure you have them onside and fully committed to your planned changes.

It is not you, the CEO, who makes change effective. It’s your executive team and their management team.