Accept no excuses.

Muscles don’t grow unless they are sufficiently challenged with heavier and heavier weights over time. Marathons are not won by giving in to aches and pains and succumbing to fatigue before the finish line. Companies don’t grow into greater companies unless its leaders push it, and their employees, in that direction.

When it comes to making change, to chasing new objectives, to crossing major chasms, everyone must be forced to align with the new directions. Existing process, systems, and employee talent must be examined to ensure they allow for and can be adapted to the new direction, the changes desired. If they can’t, they must be replaced. Summarily, so.

Also examine the corporate culture. Will it permit and support the new direction?  If not, then it too must also be changed to make room for what will support the change. You may even need to make tough decisions on customer lists, type and size of distributors your company will support in the future. Everything must be put under the so-called microscope for close inspection to ensure adaptability to the new changes.

When making major changes in the quest for corporate excellence, remove everything that can act as a barrier. Winners win by pursuing success, not by accepting excuses.