In any sport, it is the TEAM that wins.

If every member of the team learns to work with each other, adapts to each other’s personalities to feed strengths and mitigate weaknesses, and if they rally around workable strategies with great motivation, and it performs all of these elements consistently and better than any other team, then this team wins. A corporation facing major changes or obstacles is not much different than a sports team. Every employee must be totally engaged and aligned in the pursuit of success.

The “correct” team is necessary for any change to work. Books have been written on this subject of teamwork. Read some. Then audit your teams to ensure you have the talent, the commitment, the knowledge-base among the team to make change effective. Start with your immediate team.

If you are a CEO, for example, then the team of executives with whom you surround yourself must be able to support your changes and to be able to drive those changes downwards throughout the rest of the organization. Your executive team will be the team that creates the model and standards of performance for each of their direct reports. They will oversee training programs and conformance to the new directives.

Do you have the right team that is capable of making positive change happen?