Small steps can create big changes. Similarly, small actions create big impressions.

When making change, check your alignment, and, of course, the alignment of others. Are you sending an email to someone internally? If so, do you mention the new change to show it is top of mind? Does your signature line on your internal emails act as a reminder?  Do you have the right symbology and is it sufficiently noticeable? (Read Nugget  4: “Symbols”). When you ask questions of others, are you asking about progress on the changes? When you visit employees or when they enter your office for other purposes are you asking about the changes so they know it is top of mind and know you are relentless in that regard?

Employees seek signs of weakness as well as signs of strength in your commitment to your goals.

Ensure everything you say or do is perfectly and strongly aligned with whatever major change you are pushing on your company.