Changing of the guards.

If your change is a major one for your corporation there is much to be said for the New-Year’s adage of “out with the old and in with the new”.  No. I certainly do not mean to fire employees and hire new ones. Merely to change them around in a manner that reinforces your commitment to your new objectives.

For example, if someone is excelling at the new change, or worked extremely hard to make it happen, consider that particular person for a significant promotion. Not only will that be a suitable reward for his or her commitment to your new direction, but it is also a very strong symbol that those who embrace the change get recognized and even promoted.

Mind you, it will not be possible to promote everyone, but you don’t have to. One or two correct picks, well publicized, and the word will be strongly embedded among the employees base at large. It will be a strong demonstration that you are indeed serious about your commitment to your changes and that those who fully aligned and worked hard to make it happen get well rewarded.

That also sends strong signals that those who bucked the trend, who resisted or undermined the changes,  had better watch their six when it comes job performance appraisal time.