Employees are often so fed up with changes within a corporation that they seldom react to new directives, strategies and innovations until forced to do so.

This 11-part series is intended for leaders who want to make major changes in their corporations and for knowledge workers who want to break bad habits in order to accelerate their careers. Though you may be a new leader or be someone who has the authority to make and influence change within your team, division or corporation, there are many obstacles to making change happen.

Among the many obstacles is swinging the proverbial titanic around on a dime, so to say, to getting your changes implemented in place of long-standing, entrenched behavioural and cultural history of doing it the old way. Yet, many successful executives have been able to overcome that obstacle and have been able to make big changes happen within their corporations. What is it that they do that allows them to succeed at pushing their changes into even the most reluctant groups of employees?

In this 11-part series you will read about the most important factors that will determine whether you and your changes will succeed of fail. Sacred cows are philosophical, cultural, or operating beliefs and procedures created over time and held strongly by everyone to whom you are targeting your change directives. Those sacred cows must be dealt with. I provide the how.