If you enjoy a good steak, hamburger, or any other meat and dairy products…then you might want to consider asking your doctor for a TMAO blood test…It might cost you about $50 (USA) but is certainly the way to go until more detailed research reveals more precise data.

New research from overseas reveals that, in its early findings, if your blood test reveals high levels of  TMAO  then you are likely to suffer, uh-h-h-h, no easy way to say this, “DEATH” as soon as from one month to 7 years, or  stroke and/or heart attack. So, the TMAO test may be an early, effective warning signal that may give you time enough to adjust your eating habits to actually save your life or prevent your life from becoming that kind of terrible mess that you get following strokes and heart attacks.

Foods containing CARNITINE, LECITHIN, CHOLINE, according to Dr. Gabe Mirkin’s recent advisory, have been , “…associated with increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, clots, diabetes and certain cancers.(See End Note 2)    The culprits in our diets which are the common sourcess for CARNITINE, LECITHIN, and CHOLINE?  Meat, eggs and dairy products.

What’s  TMAO? Trimethylamine N-oxide.  Though it is not something we can say 10x quickly, it may be a significant factor in signalling potential artery-related problems that may have significant, if not deadly consequences in the days ahead.


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