During my very enjoyable career, I’d be so “charged up” that I’d start working long before I arrived at the office each morning, and would return home at the end of the work day more “charged up” than at the start. I was almost always conscious of how much energy went into each of my efforts.

Auditing the energy of employees, or even self-auditing, was, for me a leading indicator of job or task success.

For example, while I was performing my sales coaching days in the field with our sales people, I’d add to my mental checklist, my assessment through observation of the amount of energy the sales person was spending to close a sale–get a purchase order from a customer. I often found that failed closes consumed most of the sales person’s energy and left much less energy and determination for subsequent sales calls during that same day. So, we’d focus on getting the sales person to feel their energy levels and to recognize during the sales call if an inordinate amount of energy was being expended. If so, to change tactics earlier during the sales call to redirect energy in more productive, results-getting ways.

As crass as this may sound, everyone starts with a fully-charged battery in the morning, but only those who have found EFFECTIVE work methods return home at the end of the day with enough energy left in their battery to be able to use it to their advantage after work for self, friends, and family.

Learn to think and talk in terms of your energy levels. When performing tasks that seem to become rather difficult, stop for a moment and get in touch with your inner self to do an energy audit. How much energy are you putting out and are you making progress proportionate to that expenditure?  If not, then now is a good time to change tactics to try to produce more results with less effort (energy). [Also read my nugget, “Move your Fulcrum Off That Chair”.]

Auditing your personal ENERGY levels and expenditure can become your early warning indicator of success or possible failure. If it is taking too much energy, you are likely doing something incorrectly. Too much energy? Adjust.