This website originated with the intention to help baby BOOMers who had Questions by providing online  Answers. Thus, the name BOOM-QA.COM .

But, over the months during which it gained its initial exposure, the people who were discovering this website extended all the way down to recent graduates of colleges and universities who sought advice from me and other baby boomers.  So, I kept the website name, but changed the intention of the website to that of providing information to people like you who seek EXPERIENCED and PROVEN information that can be of strategic benefit to helping them do more, better, in careers, health, exercise, relationships, awareness, and…so on.

Hopefully, this website meets your needs while meeting mine.

My need is to provide a repository of strategically useful information on those topics and, occasionally, on topics that I particularly find interesting but that may venture into the world of conversation starters rather than in any one particular category in the website menu.

Thus, BOOM-QA.COM has evolved to include strategically useful information AND occasionally interesting information, which, if for no other purpose, you can use as conversation starters.

To wrap up the purpose of Boom-QA.COM into a “Nugget”: this site serves to provide information that is helpful and interesting.

Speaking of being helpful. I hope you can look back on 2017 and stake your claim to how you have been helpful to others.   That’s the only way civilisation can thrive.   Civilisation, after all, is all about one person helping another, helping others to live a more peaceful, harmonious, prosperous and spiritually-empowering life…without hurtfulness, without injury to others, without the preference for one religion or ideology being used to subjugate other religions, ideologies, or people. Enough of the theory…let’s talk results.

Did you make civilisation better in 2017?  Did you achieve your goals in 2017?

I am pleased to advise that I practice what I preach.

As I look back on this past year, 2017, I am pleased with all that I have done. I met almost all of my goals, resolutions, hopes.  It is my wish that you can say the same thing about your resolutions, hopes, aspirations, goals, etc.

Here’s an idea for you as you think about what you can do in 2018 to make this world a better place…

A few years ago I provided some seed money, not much, but some, to an organization called KIVA.ORG.  It uses the money people send in to help aspiring entrepreneurs in poor countries. Those people borrow some of that money, in $25 increments, to help work their way out of poverty by using that money in their tiny businesses. When those people earn enough to pay back the loan the money is re-deposited into your original account and sits there until you select another small, would-be entrepreneur to whom to lend that money.

Think of it as a spin cycle: an entrepreneur borrows it, earns enough to pay it back, you lend it again to another entrepreneur, over and over again. This spin cycle has the potential to build into a tornado with great power, but not to destroy, rather, to build, create, empower, and, thus, help to break the cycle of poverty for one or more aspiring entrepreneurs in countries that otherwise would be abandoned and remain in poverty for decades to come.

I am proud to look back on the years I have been involved, ONLINE, with

To date, through my personal account, I have helped to RE-LOAN my original deposit, to over 300 aspiring entrepreneurs in over 44 poor countries around the world. This gives me a great feeling of success, and helps me to end the year on a very positive note. Yet, I accomplished so much with so little effort. I merely provided some initial seed money, scanned a list of entrepreneurs needing some seed money to get their businesses going, and pressed the button of my mouse. did the hard work. I just bask in the glory.

What I am also proud of, is the great group of 3Mers who, years ago, made a personal donation to be pooled and which I now continue to manage under that umbrella as a team account.  That team, to date, has helped over 200 aspiring entrepreneurs in over 49 countries.

Together, my personal account PLUS the team account, when combined,  has RE-LOANED to  over 500 needy entrepreneurs trying to escape poverty.

By sharing this message about I hope it provides an idea that you can also use. It certainly is one way to make the world a slightly better place.

Another way YOU can make this world a better place is to make a resolution to help yourself or those around you in the new year, 2018.

If you were not happy with what you accomplished, or did not accomplish, or with your old self, then “out with the old and in with the new”.

A New Year can also provide the opportunity for you to remake yourself, remake your attitude, remake your health, remake your wealth-building program, re-make your career…all, the purview of this website. aims to help empower you with strategically useful information, so visit this website often and tell your friends about it, too. [Let me point out there are no advertisements, no requests for donations…so, nobody is buying what amounts to advertorials.]

Make your resolutions now and plan to stick to them.

To help you do that,, has a special NUGGET to help you make and SUCCEED with YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS/goals:

Make your New Year RESOLUTIONS WORK: learn the “secrets” of ‘GETTING YOUR GOALS ON”, (click here).

Make this upcoming New Year, 2018, a HAPPY and SUCCESSFU one…make your resolution, mean it…stick to it.