Whether it is with the love of your life or that big career opportunity, is there something that seems to be acting as a barrier? Could it be that you are offending people with your body odor without realizing it?

The human nose is an amazing protrusion that we often take for granted. It serves a much more important purpose than to merely point you in the direction you want to go. It also is an extremely sensitive detector of odors…smells. We use it to help us appreciate the delicious aroma from fine foods, even beverages. We use it to fill our lungs with precious oxygen. And we use it, consciously and subconsciously, to help us to appreciate other people. But, where our noses let us down, somewhat, is in smelling ourselves, other than at times when we first don expensive perfumes, colognes or perfume-like underarm deodorants and antiperspirants.

Our noses can’t smell ourselves because after a time they go into failure mode for that particular odor emanating from our own bodies. That failure mode is called olfactory fatigue. Your nose transitions into olfactory fatigue in order to be able to smell other odors despite the presence of one particular odor. In other words, because your nose lives with you for 24-7, it ignores your own odors/aroma emanating from your body in order to sense, smell and enjoy that of others.

One of the odors your body emits is SULFUR. As pungent as sulfur is, if your nose is living amidst that odor for 24-7, your nose will adapt to it and eventually ignore it.

You can’t stop your body from  emitting sulfur  if you  eat animal products, onion and garlic.

For those of you not acquainted with the smell of sulfur, just think of the smell from rotten eggs or the pungent odor from ethyl mercaptan that is added to natural gas to present a high-impact, distinctive order in the case of a gas line leak. In other words, sulfur is very “stinky”. Even in the very small amounts that is produced by the body while digesting animal products, onion, and garlic.

When food enters your digestive tract it is broken down into molecules that the body needs to repair its RNA and DNA, (for body cells). One of the by-products of digesting food from animal sources, (including dairy, fish and poultry), and yes, even onions and garlic, is the processing of the sulfur-like compounds.  Food from animal sources, onions and garlic, is relatively high in sulfur-like compounds which, after digestion is partially eliminated by the body through the pores in your skin.

“Circulating blood brings the malodorous sulfur compounds from the bowels to the skin, creating repugnant body odors (BO)”  See end Note 1

If you are wondering if the pores on your body are “leaking” sulfur or if your breath is granting others the privilege of knowing you are in the room with them, just think of that old adage, “You are what you eat.”  If your diet is predominantly foods made of animal sources, or you recently ate onions and garlic, then the answer is  LIKELY  “Yes”. Mind you, not all people are noticeably affected in this manner. But the majority are. You might be one of them.

“One parent, who sat if front of us, stank of rancid fish to such a great extent that we had to move to seats away from him despite sitting OUTSIDE with a gentle breeze that was helping to save us from asphyxiation.”  [True story related to me.]

Over our lifetime, foods we eat affect our bodies in many negative ways, particularly foods from animal products, as the extensive science has repeatedly proven, and continues to prove, time and time again. But some foods may not require a lifetime to create body or breath odor that is bothersome to others. Relative to plant foods, there are huge quantities of sulfur and sulfur-like compounds in foods from animal products and, yes, also, garlic and onions. So, it may not be your brightest idea to chow down on predominantly animal products, onions, and garlic if you expect to be intimate with someone or if you are heading into important business meetings.

Can we say, “Eat RICE to smell nice“?

Dr. McDougall cited a study that involved actually smelling the armpit odor, [Yeach!], of those who ate a diet of animal products and those who had avoided animal products. The result of this smell test?  “…the odor of donors on the  non-meat diet  was judged as significantly  more attractive, more pleasant,  and less intense…”See end Note 1

There are many reasons to treasure and  LOVE  YOUR  VEGANS. They save animals; save our planet; are healthier; live longer; need less makeup and perfume/cologne; and have a delightful radiance about them. But now you also know that, THEY likely,  SMELL BETTER!

So, the fact that you are not able to land that date or that promotion, when up close and personal, just may be because you are quite literally emitting the wrong “signal”, so to say.

“Odors stimulate our most intimate emotions, including love, sexual desire…no amount of manufactured chemicals in perfumes and deodorants will cover up malodors exuded from the bodies of people eating an animal-food based diet.” See end Note 1

Now you know.

If you are a sulfur-emitter, your love life AND your career may be improved by what you eat.



  1. “Food, Sex, and Attractiveness Part 2: The Role of Skin (Color, Oiliness, and Acne) and Body Odor”,  by Dr. John McDougall.  Dr. McDougall’s Newsletter.  Vol 14, No. 12, Dec. 2015.