People went wild by dipping their bread into olive oil shortly after news headlines said olive oil was a heart healthy oil. People love to eat fats in foods. The news headlines proclaimed this was a free ride…the more olive oil you drink or eat, the healthier your heart. Not so fast. IT’S NOT healthy. A new study of the old studies fills in the missing pieces and warns that any oil is as deadly as drinking or eating any other fat.

I’ve warned nutritionists, whom I’ve met, about the danger of oil in the “Mediterranean Diet”.  I’ve warned doctors. I’ve written to the Medical Association.  I’ve alerted friends and relatives. I’ve warned my readers via my previous Nuggets.  The response: “If it was dangerous, “they” wouldn’t let us eat it.” But olive oil, any oil, is dangerous and even the doctors still recommend you have substantial amounts of “olive oil for heart health”.

Now we have another new study that warns us that there is no such thing as a “heart-healthy oil”. This recent study PROVES that OLIVE OIL, as with ANY OIL, is  NOT HEALTHY. Instead, oils are as dangerous as any other fat. Oils are merely a form of liquid fat.

Chronic-disease-reversal doctors SAY AND RECOMMEND to their chronically-ill patients to:  Avoid all oils in cooking and avoid foods with ANY oil as an ingredient. Check the ingredients list on processed and packaged foods. Many, if not most, have a fairly large amount of oil added during preparation for various purposes, but mostly to make their products taste better. Humans are literally addicted to fats and feel more satisfied when eating lots of fat. [Chinese scientists are messing with genetics of cows to make them fatter, by increasing the amount of marbled fat, so steaks will be tastier…and so YOU will eat lots more beef.]

Dr. John MacDougall recently explained the results of a recent study which carefully reviewed the science and conclusions from a number of previous studies promoting the use of oils as a useful substance for nutrition…but it is NOT USEFUL to help optimize your health. Dr. MacDougall has been a leading doctor warning to adopt the original diets that focused on vegetables, fruits, and especially the so-called starches such as rice, grains, potatos and any of the other extensive list of starches, and to AVOID any oil.

He had this to say about a recent publication that appeared in the  British Medical Journal (April 12, 2016), “…based on extensive research and a reanalysis of an older study, they [“so-called heart-healthy oils]  do not reduce the risk of heart disease, and this substitution also increases the risk of sickness and death.  [The explanations in square brackets and the highlighting are mine.] For almost 40 years this brilliant doctor who has been treating and reversing chronic diseases caused by the Mediterranean and especially the American diets, has been warning to avoid health-damaging foods including those so-called “good fats”, such as olive oil, flaxseed oil, etc.

Dr. MacDougall has been warning: “the fat you eat is the fat you wear.” He adds another word of caution. “Various forms [referring to fats] promote cancer, gallbladder disease, suppress the immune system, and/or cause bleeding.”See End Note 1

Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Diehl, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Ornish, Dr, Campbell (PhD), and a growing number of other doctors  who are far more educated in nutritional science than traditional doctors, and who stop and reverse the lifetime of damage done to their patients from eating the American and Mediterranean diet, warn their patients to AVOID ALL OILS. One doctor, in particular, Dr. Esselstyn, See End Note 2   insists that his patients be absolute in their adherence to avoiding any oil, especially in processed and packaged foods. [You will be floored when you see how much oil is in your favorite snack, bread, and canned or packaged foods. Read the labels…

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn literally shouts out his warning to audiences, “Avoid ALL OILS!”

Recent science is confirming that oil damages the ability of the arteries’ “Efflux” capacity. You can learn more about Efflux capacity and the studies to prove the damage done by fats and, that includes liquid fats such as any oil, by clicking here to read my previous Nugget on the subject of APO.

The recent study See End Note 3,  warns that, “…The findings add to growing evidence that incomplete publication has contributed to overestimation of benefits, and underestimation of potential risks, of replacing saturated fat with vegetable oils rich in linoleic acid.” [In plain English: no such thing as healthy, or heart-healthy oils.]

 All oils, since they are liquid fats,  are as risky to heart, brain, arteries and other organs, as is ingesting any other form of fats. Oils are merely good-tasting, concentrated, liquid fat.

When you are dining with your friends help to spread the word and maybe even prolong or save a life or two.


  1. You can learn much more from Dr. John MacDougall by referring to his website that is loaded with tons of FREE nutritional information to inform you as well as the best nutritionists out there. His website is available at this link by clicking here:   You can also watch him in action lecturing on nutrition and diseases that can be prevented by eating certain foods.
  2. PREVENTING AND REVERSING HEART DISEASE by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD available in bookstores and at Amazon. Click here to view the info at Amazon.
  3. “Re-evaluation of the traditional diet-heart hypothesis: analysis of recovered data from Minnesota Coronary Experiment (1968-73)”, By Ramsden, Zamora,Majchrzak-Hong, et. al.  BMJ 2016;353:i1246. Accepted: 19 February 2016.  p. 15.