Why would a brilliant, emergency-room, doctor eat fat-laden foods on purpose to lose weight, as is being reported at BBC.com, (Jan. 26, 2016)?

A bit of background, first.

Medical science has proven, long ago, that if we can prevent our blood sugar from spiking we can manage both weight gain and either delay or prevent Type-2 diabetes. In Israel, researchers are taking this notion one giant step further by measuring blood samples to determine each person’s unique blood sugar spike responses to foods. They noted that some foods cause blood glucose levels to spike in some people, but not in all people. They conclude that by eating foods most correct for your own unique blood spike response signature, you can eat the right foods to help you lose weight.

The curious doctor who is mentioned in the BBC article has no blood sugar spike when she consumes fat-laden foods. So she is told she can manage her weight, possibly even lose weight, by eating a diet rich in fat-laden foods. This is not so outrageous as it at first sounds. Science has proven such drastic measures can actually help people to lose weight…temporarily. But losing weight is never the entire story, when it comes to optimizing our health in the long run.  The rule that best applies to the human body: there is no free ride, or should we more appropriately say, that when it comes to the human body, there is no free lunch.

Though weight loss may be a positive result in the short term when dangerous foods are eaten, it is the long-term impact that we must be concern ourselves with. This is not new science. There are long-term, damaging  consequences INSIDE the body when we eat harmful foods, that is foods high in saturated fats, the kind of fats we get from meat, poultry, dairy, seafood, cheese. Eat the wrong foods and despite losing weight on the outside of the body, we damage the inner body, particularly our arteries and all the organs those precious arteries use to feed oxygen-rich blood that becomes displaced by sticky fat globules floating in our bloodstream.

Doctor Neal Barnard has proven, and evidence-based studies since then confirm, that we have to take fat OUT of our muscles in order to be able to control or reverse Type-2 Diabetes. So, the objective is not merely appearance and weight management, it is eating the foods that have no fats and animal proteins, according to Dr. Barnard who is busy undoing the damage people caused themselves by consuming fats and animal-sources of proteins.

Doctors Barnard, McDougall, Esselstyn, and Diehl, to name only a handful among many, in fact, among at least 12,000 more who are members of the Physicians Committee for RESPONSIBLE Medicine, are proving daily that by stripping fat OUT of our diets we can delay, prevent, even reverse Type-2 Diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, brain-wasting diseases, and much more.

Dietary fat is bad for our bodies and destroys optimum health in the long run. Will this doctor be healthier in the long run by eating a diet high in fats, just because in the short run it helps her to lose weight?  Not a chance. She is betting every organ of her body, from her mammary glands to her gallbladder, from her arteries to her heart and brain, and her skin, too,  on that bad choice to eat fats. Even if it makes her a wee bit skinnier in the short-term.

She is also worried about her polycystic ovary syndrome. Well, science long ago has proven that what she plans to do, that is, eating lots more dietary fats to lose weight,  will contribute to and likely worsen her symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Note: I’m not a doctor. Before you make any changes to your diet, exercise, or lifestyle, or to any supplements, foods, medications, be sure to consult your doctor who is trained to diagnose, prescribe, and treat diseases and illnesses.